Ojai Ranger District

Sepse wilderness sign

Photo: Along the Sespe Creek Trail

Updated: August 10, 2020

Check the CalTrans website for more information about Highway 33: https://dot.ca.gov/

Know Before You Go!

Contact the Ojai Ranger District office for current conditions: (805) 448-4710. Call Mon-Fri 8-4:30pm. The office is temporarily closed to walk-in visitation, but you can call for information.

The Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center on Highway 33 is temporarily closed.

Forest Order 05-07-55-20-15 Santa Paula Canyon Closure

Santa Paula Canyon and Last Chance Trail are closed effective July 31, 2020 through September 30, 2020

Current Restrictions/Forest Orders

Open campgrounds

  • Middle Lion
  • Pine Mountain
  • Reyes Peak
  • Rose Valley
  • Wheeler Gorge

Temporarily closed campgrounds

Group campgrounds will remain closed to comply with State and County orders. Group campgrounds will re-open when the State and County orders are lifted. Reservations will be cancelled and issued a full refund. Contact the Parks Management Company for refund information: PMC Customer Service customerservice@pmcparks.com

  • Holiday Group Campground

Dispersed Camping

Contact the Ojai Ranger District for dispersed camping informaiton: (805) 448-4710. Disperse camping is NOT ALLOWED on Hwy 33, the Rose Valley Recreation Area or the Pine Mountain Recreation Area. These are Restricted Use Zones. Nordhoff Ridge Road is temporarily closed until further notice.

Trail Alerts

Santa Paula Canyon - Last Chance Trail 21W09

Santa Paula Canyon - Last Chance Trail, Big Cone Trail camp, Cross Trail Camp and Jackson Hole Trail Camp are temporarily closed for public safety due to overcrowding. This trail will be closed July 31 through September 30, 2020. Refer to Forest Order 05-07-55-20-15 and Closure Map.

Horn Canyon Trailhead and trail

Horn Canyon Trailhead and trail use is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 guidelines. The trailhead is located on Thatcher School property and the school is closed. Parking and trail use is currently prohibited.

Red Reef Trail: Sisar road to Nordhoff ridge Road - contact the Ojai Ranger Station for current information

Red Reef Trail: Ladybug to Sespe, impassible to stock, very overgrown with poison oak and many down trees and washouts.

  • Alder Creek (open) -The Dough Flat Rd is temporarily closed, so accessing this trailhead requires walking approx 2 miles on the road
  • Agua Blanca (open) 
  • Chorro Grande Trail  (mile marker 36.60 on Hwy 33) - open
  • Cozy Dell (open) 
  • Dough Flat Trailhead (open) - The Dough Flat Rd is temporarily closed, so accessing this trailhead requires walking approx 2 miles on the road
  • Gridley Trail (open)
  • Howard CreekTrail (open) 
  • Lion Canyon (open) 
  • Middle Sespe Trail (mile marker 28.07 on Hwy 33 - 8 miles to the Sespe Creek Trail)
  • North Matilija (open)
  • Piedra Blanca Gene Marshall Trail (open)
  • Potrero John Trail (mile marker 32.10 on Hwy 33)  (open) 
  • Pothole Trail (open) 
  • Pratt Trail (open)
  • Reyes Peak Trail (open)
  • Rose Valley Falls Trails (park outside the campground and walk through the campground to get to the trailhead - no fee to park) 
  • Sespe River Trail to Willett Hotsprings (open) 
  • Sisar Canyon (open)

Road Status

Reyes Peak Road - 6N06.1/6N06.2 (open)                                       

Nordhoff Ridge - 5N08 (temporarily closed until further notice)

Dough Flat - 6N16 (temporarily closed due to storm damage)

Cherry Creek Road 

Cherry Creek Rd is closed until further notice

Portrero Seco Road Closure

Portrero Seco Road (6N03) is closed indefinitately.

Ojai Ranger District Informational Brochures

The Tar Creek Area in the Sespe Condor Sanctuary is CLOSED to the public

Safety Alert for Thomas Fire Burn Area

Visitors should be congnizant that certain areas within the Thomas Fire burn scar were heavily damaged by the fire and subsequent rainfall. Soils and new vegetation remain very fragile and the public is strongly encouraged to stay on the roads and trails and avoid the many hazards that exist throughout the burn scar. Hikers are encourage to avoid the burned areas in favor of nearby trails, campgrounds, and day-use areas that were not affected by the Thomas Fire. If  you plan to hike within the burned areas, you need to be aware of loose soils, rolling rocks, and unstable portions of the trails. Los Padres National Forest staff will continue working with local group and partner organizations to develop a strategic approach to repairing the damaged sections of trail. To learn more about how you can volunteer, call the Forest Supervisor's Office at (805) 968-6640 ext. 795 or call (805) 961-5795.