A wall tent in a field of flowers, Medicine Bow Mountains in the backgroundThe Medicine Bow National Forest, Routt National Forest and Thunder Basin all have distinctly different environments, so they all have very different plant life. Here are some of the special and beautiful plants of our area.

Lodgepole Pine is the dominant tree species found on the Medicine Bow National Forest and large parts of the Routt National Forest, but large stands of Aspen, Subalpine Fir and Engleman Spruce are also found on the Routt National Forest. A variety of woody shrubs are also found. In the sagebrush steppe, Sagebrush and Gambels Oak are commonly found. Service Berry thrives in a variety of environments including the sagebrush steppe and moister areas.

The Thunder Basin National Grassland has mostly, you guessed it! grasses, but many varieties of grasses and plants live here, including sagebrush and many beautiful wildflowers.

Some of the beautiful wild flowers you can see on our forests and grassland include Mules Ears, Columbines, Scarlet Gilia, Phlox, Lupine, Indian Paintbrush, Glacier Lillies, Marsh Marigolds. Use the dropdown menus below to learn about the different species you may find on the MBRTB.