Official National Forest Maps

The following comprehensive plastic coated maps may be purchased for $10, These maps show roads and highways, cities, bodies of water, recreational sites, campgrounds, trails, private and public land designations, and more.

  • Medicine Bow National Forest
  • Routt National Forest
  • Thunder Basin National Grassland
  • Laramie Peak Unit

Specialty Maps

Many specialty maps and brochures are available from Forest Service offices and the National Forest Store and cover specific trails, wilderness areas, and other special areas. The U.S. Geological Survey also sells many specialty map products.

Free Maps

Forest Service Topography Maps: These maps overlay Forest Service assets, such as roads, trails, and campgrounds, on USGS's topographic maps. They are available for download by quadrangle.

Contact the ranger district office in the area you plan to visit to inquire about other free maps (and brochures) that are available.

USFS Interactive Travel Map

  • Mirrors, but does not replace MVUMs.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs)

The Motor Vehicle Use Map is a requirement of the Travel Management Rule and reflects travel management plan decisions. The MVUM displays National Forest System (NFS) roads, trails, and areas that are designated open to motor vehicle travel. The MVUM also displays allowed uses by vehicle class (highway-legal vehicles, vehicles less than or equal to 50 inches wide, and motorcycles), seasonal allowances and provides information on other travel rules and regulations.

Routes (includes both roads and trails) not shown on a MVUM are not open to public motor vehicle travel. Routes designated for motor vehicle use may not always be signed on the ground but will be identified on the MVUM. It is the public's responsibility to reference the MVUM to determine which routes are designated for motor vehicle use. The MVUM may be updated annually to reflect new travel decisions and to correct mapping discrepancies.

The MVUM is a black and white map with no topographic features. It is not a stand alone map and is best used in conjunction with a National Forest Visitor Map or other topographic map. The MVUM is a free map. It is available from ranger district offices (in person and by mail) and may be downloaded using the following links. MVUM downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • To download onto a mobile device: Open map on mobile device, click on the map, and press "Download" or "Open in..."


Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and Thunder Basin National Grassland MVUMs

*These are very large files and will not fit on a standard page.

MVUM Frequently Asked Questions