August Complex Restoration

Doe Fire, one of the fires in the August Complex



Mendocino National Forest Post-fire Land Management Strategy Virtual Meeting: April 1, 2021

Shasta-Trinity National Forest August Fire Restoration Project Virtual Meeting: March 12, 2021

The August Complex Vegetation & Resource Rapid Assessment for all three forests (Mendocino, Six Rivers, and Shasta-Trinity) is available. 


The fires within the August Complex were ignited by lightning on August 16 and 17, 2020. Over the next four months, these fires would go on to burn more than 1,032,600 acres, becoming the largest fire in California history. The August Complex impacted thousands of people and multiple counties, including portions of the Mendocino, Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forests. Seven incident management teams were used to manage the fires in the August Complex.

Rapid Assessment Team

Throughout the duration of the fire, these forests worked together through suppression, suppression repair, and into restoration. As containment percentages grew, forest leadership began considering next steps. While fire suppression repair and BAER work were occurring, the forest supervisors decided to move forward with a rapid assessment team that would collectively identify post-fire vegetation management opportunities across forest boundaries.

The rapid assessment team is composed of specialists from heritage, fuels, geology, wildlife, hydrology, wildlife, timber, public affairs, planning, and other resource areas. This team is working across forest boundaries and disciplines to maximize efficiency and meet the rapid-assessment objectives in a timely manner. Team members have been tasked with identifying potential hazards to public safety and infrastructure, as well as identifying areas that need other restoration, rehabilitation, or long-term maintenance treatments. As part of this effort, the team will be reaching out to partners and communities to get their thoughts on post-fire recovery.

This rapid assessment is a first step in identifying the hazard reduction and restoration activities the forests will pursue within the August Complex. Any projects that are selected to move forward will go through additional field assessment and the necessary environmental compliance prior to implementation.


BAER work continues across the August Complex as weather conditions allow. For more information including reports, maps and news releases see: August Complex Post-fire BAER.

Forest-Specific Projects