Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Plan Fall Prescribed Burning Projects

Release Date: Oct 3, 2022

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests plans to continue several prescribed burning projects across the forests this Fall. These projects help contribute to healthy, resilient ecosystems and wildfire protection for local communities. Some prescribed fire burn projects may begin as early as this week if weather and fuel conditions remain favorable.

“Fire plays an integral role in our environment and is a natural process that will occur, whether it is a prescribed burn or an unplanned wildfire,” said Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Fire Information Specialist Jim Wimer. “Prescribed burning is done to reduce hazardous fuel accumulations, selectively thin the understory in densely forested stands, stimulate growth in fire-tolerant plant species, prepare sites for tree planting, and enhance forage for wildlife. These types of projects contribute to stronger and more resilient ecosystems and can also reduce the risk of wildfire impacts to our local communities.”

Smoke from prescribed fires can be an immediate impact at times, but it is significantly less than what would be expected from a mid-summer wildfire. If smoke concentrations approach minimum air quality standards, ignitions may be delayed until air quality improves. Residual smoke may be visible for up to two weeks following ignition, but most of the smoke from these Fall prescribed fires will dissipate in just a few days.

Short duration trail and area closures may be implemented for public and firefighter safety during prescribed burning activities. Closure information can be found online at or by contacting your local ranger district.

The information below lists planned Fall prescribed burning projects on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests. Acres planned include all lands encompassed in the prescribed burn project areas; however, due to varying conditions, not every acre will burn or be ignited. If you have questions about any project, please call the point of contact listed for each district.

Moose Creek Ranger District – Contact: Jon Norman, 208-926-8952 or Dustin Decker, 208-926-8948.

Up to 80 acres of ignitions planned near FSR #317, on the Lowell WUI project. Objectives are to reduce the natural and harvest generated accumulated fuels near the community of Lowell and prepare sites for reforestation. Trees are scheduled to be planted next Spring.

Palouse Ranger District – Contact: Alan Carlson, 208-875-1131

Up to 320 acres planned on the Uncle Morris and Upper Basin stewardship projects located four miles north of Elk River. Objectives of these prescribed burn projects are to clean up natural and activity generated fuels for the purpose reforestation and wildlife habitat improvement. Tree planting is scheduled for this Fall and next Spring.

Salmon River Ranger District - Contact: Graydon Galloway, 208-983-4035

Potential for up to 80 acres of activity generated fuels on the Crown Royal timber sale. Trees are scheduled to be planted next Spring.

Red River Ranger District - Contact: Tom Mcleod, 208-842-2117

Potential for up to 60 acres of ignitions on the Muddy Moose and Dutch Oven timber sales located west of Elk City. Objectives are to reduce activity generated fuels for reforestation. Trees are scheduled to be planted next Spring.