The Ottawa National Forest is divided into five Ranger Districts, one Visitor's Center, one Supervisor's Office and the J.W.Toumey Nursery. For specific information on each unit, please click on the name of the office listed below.

The Eastern Time Zone cuts across the heart of the Forest with the Supervisor's Office, Bessemer, Iron River and Watersmeet located in the Central Time Zone and Kenton and Ontonagon in the Eastern Time Zone.

  • Supervisor's Office and Bessemer Ranger Station

    Offices: SO and Bessemer

    Address E6248 US HWY 2 Ironwood, MI 49938
    Phone (906) 932-1330
    Fax (906) 932-0122
    TTY 711

  • Ottawa Visitor Center

    Offices: Visitor Center

    Address E23949US 2 East Watersmeet, MI 49969
    Phone (906) 358-4724
    Fax (906) 358-4338
    TTY 711

  • Kenton Ranger District

    Offices: Kenton Ranger Station

    Address 4810 E. M28 Kenton, MI 49967
    Phone (906) 852-3500
    Fax (906) 852-3618
    TTY 711 

  • Ontonagon Ranger District

    Offices: Ontonagon Ranger Station

    Address 1209 Rockland Road Ontonagon, MI 49953
    Phone (906) 884-2085
    Fax (906) 884-4830
    TTY 711

  • Watersmeet/Iron River Ranger District

    Offices: Watersmeet Ranger Station

    Address E23979 US 2 East Watersmeet, MI 49969
    Phone (906) 358-4551
    Fax (906) 358-4000
    TTY 711

  • J.W. Toumey Nursery

    Offices: Toumey

    Address E23985 Old US2 E Watersmeet, MI 49969
    Phone (906) 358-4523
    Fax (906) 358 0493
    TTY 711

    Please be advised that Maps and Permits are not available at the J.W. Toumey Nursery. To obtain these visit any of the other Ottawa National Forest Offices.


Ottawa NF Vicinity Map