Salida Fuelwood Information

PERSONAL USE FUELWOOD PERMITS (3 cord minimum purchase):

Personal use fuelwood permits may be used in designated areas or district-wide deadwood may be collected along the road corridors. cord of firewood measures 4 ft x 4 ft x 8 ft.

Designated Areas for Fuelwood:  In these areas, the fuelwood may be marked green standing, felled green trees, dead standing or dead downed trees. Maps of designated areas and type of wood available will be provided with the purchase of the fuelwood permit. Currently only the Leadville and Salida Ranger Districts offer designated areas for fuelwood.

District-Wide Deadwood (Roadside):  Deadwood is defined as standing dead trees and dead trees lying on the ground. District-wide deadwood is authorized for the San Isabel National Forest along National Forest System roads only. It is the permittees' responsibility to possess an accurate map and the ability to identify National Forest System lands in the San Isabel National Forest where gathering is permitted.

The following rules apply for District-wide Deadwood:

  • Vehicles are allowed to park one vehicle length off of National Forest System roads (FSR) as shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) or Motor Vehicle Travel Map (MVTM). MVTMs are free and available at Forest Service Offices. MVUMs are available for download from the PSICC web page (MVUMs) or are available on iPhone and Android mobile devices. These are free for public use at Avenza PDF Maps.

With the exception of habitat trees for wildlife (trees marked with orange paint or wildlife signs or trees with cavities), dead standing and dead down wood can be taken anywhere there is legal access on the San Isabel National Forest with the following exceptions:

  • Campgrounds, Picnic areas and Trailheads

  • Monarch and Ski Cooper Ski areas

  • Current Timber Sale Areas (these areas are posted)

  • Administrative Sites

  • Wilderness Areas, National Monuments and Scenic Areas

  • Turquoise Lake Recreation Area (Leadville Ranger District)

Fuelwood Permits are typically available from:

Leadville Ranger District: June 1st – November 15th

Salida Ranger District: June 1st – November 15th

San Carlos Ranger District: January 15th – November 15th

Wood cutters are issued fuelwood tags and maps of the designated cutting areas. All loads of firewood must be tagged with a valid fuelwood tag. Cutting fuelwood without a valid permit is punishable by a fine.

Any unused tags will not be refunded.

Post and pole permits are also available. Costs for post and pole permits are $24.00 which entitles the permit holder to cut and remove 80 posts or poles. Lodgepole pine is the most common tree used for post and pole fencing.

For commercial fuelwood sales, contact Patrick Craig, Forester, 719-530-3957.

For more information about our firewood program, please contact our office in Salida, at 5575 Cleora Road or call us at 719-539-3591 (Mon-Fri).