South Park Ranger District

Map of the District

Aerial image of Buckskin Gulch


P.O. Box 219, 320 Hwy 285
Fairplay, CO 80440
Phone (719) 836-2031
Fax (719) 836-3875

Located on the northwest corner of US Highway 285 and Colorado Highway 9, at the only stoplight in Fairplay.


Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The South Park Ranger District consists of 456,599 acres mostly located in Park County with a small portion of the district located in Teller County. The district office is located in Fairplay, Colorado. The main highways through the district include Highway 285 south of Kenosha Pass to Trout Creek Pass and Highway 24 from Florissant, Colorado, to its intersection with Highway 285 at Trout Creek Pass. The district ranges in elevation from 7,100 to 14,285 feet, offers splendid scenic beauty, numerous recreational opportunities, timber, grazing, and minerals.


The South Park Ranger District is planning to fill the District Recreation Staff position in one of the following series dependent upon outreach results: GS-0101/0301/0401-09/11. The duty location will be in Fairplay, Colorado.  

Specific duties of the position can be found HERE

If interested, please respond with your interest in the outreach database and send an e-mail response to Josh Voorhis, South Park District Ranger, no later than the close of business 10/1/2018 at



National Forest System lands South of County Road 22, east of Rough and Tumble Trail (NFST 617), the panhandle of Buffalo Peaks Wilderness on the east side, north of Salt Creek, and west of US Highway 285 are CLOSED in the Weston Pass Fire Burn Area ("Restricted Area").  In addition, the following National Forest System Roads (NFSRs) are RESTRICTED and CLOSED until further notice:  155, 156, 158, 168, 431, 432, 433, 434, and 442.   Per Forest Service Regulations (16 USC 551 and 36 CFR 261.50 (a & b), you are PROHIBITED from being on a Restricted Road (36 CFR 261.54 (e)) and from going into or being upon the Restricted Area (36 CFR 261.53(e)).

A map of the Restricted Area can be found HERE.  The Updated Weston Pass Fire Closure Order 2018-037 is HERE.


**Personal Use Fuelwood Price Increases on Pike National Forest.**

South Park Ranger District has decked fuelwood for permitted firewood cutting in Echo Beaver and Tornado project locations (see attached map). Please call South Park Ranger District at (719) 836-2031 for details to obtain firewood permits.


**Confused by Forest Service Travel Management???**

Many of you may have noticed an increasing number of seasonal gate closures across the Pike National Forest in the past couple of years.  While some may see these closures as arbitrary and capricious, it is important to note that these closures are in place for several reasons.  Some important things to keep in mind regarding closures include:

Additional information regarding Forest Service Travel Managment and Seasonal Closures.


**Forest Service Road 659 in Beaver Creek and 669 in Crooked Creek are closed to all Off Highway Vehicles including ATV’s, UTV’s, and motorcycles that do not have a state license plate.  This closure has been in effect since 2010.**


***South Park Ranger District campgrounds are CLOSED***

All campgrounds on the South Park Ranger District are open for the season.  See the Recreation Tab for more information. 


**Badger Mountain fuels management work may begin in January 2019**

The Badger Gulch project is located approximately 6.5 miles NW of Lake George, CO in all or portions of sections 34 and 35 T11S, R72W; 6th PM and sections 1, 2, and 3 T12S, R72W; 6th PM Park County, Colorado, on the Pike San Isabel National Forest, administered by the South Park Ranger District. The project is bordered to the east by NFSR 225 and dissected by NFSR 291 and 291.A.  A contract map showing project location and access, a brief location description, and other information regarding specific items can be found by clicking HERE


Prescribed Fire Information

Prescribed fire information on the South Park Ranger District

  • Seasonal Closures are temporary.  Generally they are only in effect from January 1 to June 15 (with some exceptions).  
  • Many Seasonal Closures have been in place for years; however, they may or may not have been adequately signed and/or gated in the past.
  • Seasonal Closures offer protection for big game species during the times of year when they are expecting the most stress (wintering and calving seasons).
  • Many Seasonal Closures were forced due to a lawsuit settlement in which the Forest Service was sued.
  • Seasonal Closures protect roads from damage during the mud season and spring runoff.