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Our Mission: Connecting people to conserve forests.

Our Vision: We work in partnership across all lands to sustain and restore healthy, productive and resilient rural and urban forests.

Four different maps from 2015 to 2018 side by side showing progression of tree mortality Stand of trees showing approximately half dead and reddish-brown and the other half alive and green Split into three images, showing different components of biomass facilites Two children wearing adorably large firefighting nomex turnout jackets State Fair booth showcasing the 'Buy it Where You Burn it' Campaign, with a mock human sized insect Island children planting trees Five woman planting a tree



Forest Health Protection

Concept Art: Image of the Globe with a Conifer growing out of the middleCollaborating to improve the health of California’s forests through technical assistance, monitoring and funding.

Urban and Community Forestry

Concept art leaf split in two, bottom part leaf-like, top part has two outlines of citesCreating, enhancing and sustaining trees and forests in the urban environment.


Biomass Utilization

Concept Art: Logs stacked together, viewed from the ends of the logs, recycle symbol made out of leaves, with the words 'Biomass Energy'Advancing woody biomass technology and ecosystem services markets.

Forest Stewardship Program

Concept Art: Image of the Globe with a Conifer growing out of the middleAssisting private land owners in planning and sustainable forest management.


Forest Legacy Program

Concept Art, Maple leaf background with conifer tree insideProtecting private forest lands through acquisition and conservation easements.

Community Forest and Open Space Program

shield with U, the shadow of a conifer, S, in the middle, outlined with 'Forest Service' and 'Department of AgricultureFunding the establishment of community forests that provide continuing and accessible community benefits.

Title Name Phone Number
Regional Office 1323 Club Drive Vallejo, CA 94592
Director Sherry Hazelhurst (707) 562-8920
Deputy Director Chris Fischer (707) 562-8921
Ecosystem Services and Climate Change Program Lead Jason Ko (707) 562-8917
Forest Health Monitoring Team Leader Kayanna Warren (707) 562-8691
Forest Legacy & Stewardship Program Leader for Hawaii & Pacific Islands Katie Stearns Friday (808) 854-2620
Forest Legacy/Stewardship Program Manager - California Andrea Hefty​ (707) 562-9122
Grants Manager Bev Smith (707) 562-8912
Cooperative Fire/Forestry Grants Program Specialist Katy Miessner (707) 562-8764
Office Automation Assistant Cheryl Pescio (707) 562-8986
Pesticide-Use Specialist, Invasive Plants Program Manager Stacey Clark (707) 562-8916
Regional Entomologist Sheri Smith (530) 252-6667
Regional Forest Pathologist Phil Cannon (707) 562-8913
Senior Geospatial Analyst David Greenberg (707) 562-8713
Geospatial Analyst / Natural Resource Specialist Micha Salomon (707) 562-9168
Senior Geospatial Analyst Meghan Woods (803) 422-1881
Urban & Community Forestry Program Leader Miranda Hutten (707) 562-9025
Wood & Biomass Utilization Program Leader Larry Swan (707) 562-8917
Wood & Biomass Utilization Program Specialist Helena Murray (707) 562-8896
Davis Research Station 1731 Research Park Dr Davis, CA 95618
Aerial Survey Program Manager Jeff Moore (530) 759-1753
Aerial Survey Specialist Nicholas Stevens (435) 210-1732
Los Angeles Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability El Pueblo Office 125 Paseo De La Plaza Suite 2014Los Angeles, CA 90012
Urban & Community Forestry Program Specialist Yassy Wilkins (213) 628-3718
Pacific Southwest Research Station Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry Hilo, Hawaii
Cooperative Forester Katie Stearns Friday (808) 933-8121 ext120
Guam Office 770 E Sunset Blvd Tiyan, Guam
Pacific Islands Cooperative Forester/Forest Health Michael Jordan (671) 300-8580
Northern California Shared Service Area Shasta Trinity National Forest 3644 Avtech Parkway Redding, CA 96002
Pathologist Ashley Hawkins (530) 226-2436
Entomologist Cynthia Snyder (530) 226-2437
Northeastern CA Shared Service Area Lassen National Forest 2550 Riverside Drive Susanville, CA 96130
Regional Entomologist Sheri Smith (530) 252-6667
Entomologist Danny Cluck (530) 252-6431
Pathologist Bill Woodruff (530) 252-6680
South Sierra Shared Service Area Stanislaus National Forest 19777 Greenley Road Sonora, CA 95370
Entomologist Beverly Bulaon (209) 288-6347
Pathologist Martin MacKenzie (209) 288-6348
Southern California Shared Service Area San Bernardino National Forest 602 S Tippecanoe Ave San Bernardino, CA 92408-2607
Entomologist Andrea Hefty (909) 382-2871
Entomologist Stacy Hishinuma (909) 382-2620
Pathologist Charlie Barnes (909) 382-2725