Funding Resources

Information about forest health-related special project funding (Evaluation Monitoring, Special Technology Development Program, Forest Service Pesticide Impact Assessment Program, Biological Control of Invasive Forest Pests) can be found here.

Definitions of Acronyms and Grant/Financial Terms

Grant Proposals

Grant Management

Redesign (Competitive) Grants

Principles of Forest Service Grants

Administrative Guidelines
Grants Management Guidance & Circulars (2 CFR 200)
Allowable/unallowable costs (2CFR 200 E)

Elements for Writing Grant Proposals

Grant Narrative Format including Budget
Fiscal Details Needed for the Grant Narrative
Matching for Grants
Match Waivers (for Guam, CNMI, American Samoa only)
Sample Third Party Match Letter (The Nature Conservancy)

Proposal forms 

SF-424 - Application for Federal Assistance
 SF-424A - Budget Information
     Note: The SF-424 and SF-424A ask for "Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance" (CFDA) numbers and titles (.pdf)

SF-424B - Assurances for Non-construction Programs

SF-424C - For use with construction and Forest Legacy project grants

SF-424D - For use with construction and Forest Legacy project grants

AD-1047 - Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters - Primary Covered Transactions

AD-1048 - Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion-Lower Tier Covered Transactions

AD-1049 - Certification Regarding Drug-free Workplace Requirements (Grants) Alternative I - for Grantees Other Than Individuals

AD-1050 - Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace Requirements - For Grantees Who Are Individuals

AD-1052 - Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace Requirements, States & State Agencies (including Universities)

AD-3030 - Final Representation Regarding Felony and Tax Delinquent

SF-LLL - Disclosure of Lobbying Activities - For grants $100,000 and more

FS 1500-35 Certification Regarding Lobbying (.docx) - For grants less than $100,000

FS 1500-34 Grant Equipment Justification and Certification Statement (.docx)

FS 1500-22 Financial Capability Questionnaire (.docx)

FS 1500-22A Financial Capability Checklist (.docx)

FS 1500-22B Financial Capability Checklist for State Government Agencies Only (.docx)

Supplemental Information that may be requested in your Letter of Funding Advice

Screening for Invasive Species in Proposals & Operations

Grant Awarding Process

S&PF Grant Award/Modification to States Timeline
Award letter including administrative procedures
Sample request & approval of grant pre-award incurrence of expenditures
Grant folder labels - Use these labels to set up folders for each grant as soon as you receive a Letter of Funding Advice.

Principles of Forest Service Grants

Administrative Guidelines
Publications/Websites/Videos: Acknowledgements, USFS Logo, Copyright and Equal Opportunity Statement
Grants Management Guidance & Circulars (2 CFR 200)
Allowable/unallowable costs (2 CFR 200 E)

Grant Financial Management

Fiscal Accountability for Grants
Salary Tracking
Sample match documentation
Quarterly match report

Financial Management Forms

SF-425 - Federal Financial Report:

SF-270 - Request for Reimbursement

Equipment Tracking Forms

SF-428 – Tangible Personal Property Report (Cover Sheet) (instructions)
SF-428-A Tangible Personal Property Report – Annual Report (instructions)
SF-428-B Tangible Personal Property Report – Final Report (instructions)
SF-428-C Tangible Personal Property Report – Disposition Request/Report (instructions)
SF-428-S Tangible Personal Property Report – Supplemental Sheet (instructions

Grant Progress Reports

Progress reports
Progress report template
Progress report template (Forest Health)

Grant Amendments

Extensions & Reprogramming

Expiration & Closing grants

Final report
Expiration and Closeout Procedures
Sample request to extend closeout date
Grant Recordkeeping