Ecological Restoration and Our Partners

A group of people view a mountain landscape. A stream of water flows through a rocky, forested shoreline. A stream of water flows by lush meadow and forest. Panoramic view of a rocky, mountainous wilderness area. Three people and a child clear out brush near a meadow using buckets and shovels. Green Fire: A silhouette image of a man sitting on a cliff.

Ecologically healthy, resilient, and biodiverse landscapes, will have greater capacity to adapt and thrive in the face of natural disturbances and large scale threats to sustainability… such as those driven by changing climates and increasing human use.

Restoring National Forests

Hands around a tree seedling in the dirt.The Forest Service is committed to implementing and facilitating restoration work on our National Forests and Grasslands.

The Forest's Bounty

Water streams over a rocky cliff in the forest.Ecological restoration results will increase benefits to citizens in the form of improved delivery of clean water, recreation, and biodiversity from our National Forests.



Questions and Answers.Science tells us that if we want to restore our Forests to a healthy and resilient state, we must act now to make an impact.

Working Now for Tomorrow

Two hands in a handshake.Alliances and Partnerships supporting restoration projects will assist us and secure the future for our grandchildren's grandchildren.