Tread Lightly - Forest Etiquette

Tread Lightly

Stay on established trails whenever possible so as not to cause soil erosion. Cross country travel is allowed, but only if there are no trails going your way. Short cuts across switchbacks cause soil erosion. Please try to stay off the trails until they dry enough so your passing doesn't leave scars. Horses cause a great deal of damage to wet, saturated trail treads during the springtime. Bikes can also leave deep scars.


 Please pack out all your garbage. This is the essence of Pack In/Pack Out. Carefully check campsites and rest stops to be sure you have removed all litter. Do not be afraid to pick up litter someone else has left behind.


Various wildlife species live in this forest area. Although many are abundant, you will be fortunate when you see them. Please don't chase or harass wild animals. And help keep them wild by not feeding them. And remember that wild animals are potentially dangerous. Some animals carry rabies or bubonic plague. Photographing wildlife is challenging and will often require a telephoto lens.


For a daily hike it is best to carry all the water you will need. A minimum of 1 quart per person in cool weather, or 2 quarts in the summer at lower elevations. Do not drink water straight from the streams. Giardia, a water born disease, is in the streams. Boil or use a filter pump for any drinking water. Other purification methods may work on other bugs but not Giardia.

Share the Trail

YieldMore and more people will be found on the trails especially those close to the front range and easy to access. Please respect the privacy and solitude of others as you would want them to respect yours. Hikers should give the right of way to both Bikers and Horses. Bikers and Hikers should give the right of way to Horses. The best way to do this is to step to the side of the trail. Hikers should step to the downhill side of the trail just in case the animal or biker looses control when going by - and wait patiently for the others. Always let them know you are there! Don't surprise anyone.