2005 Forest Plan

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Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan)

Front Matter / Preface Appendices
Chapter 1 - Goals and Objectives* A - Summary Analysis of the Management Situation
Chapter 2 - Forest-wide Management Direction* B - Proposed and Probable Practices*
Chapter 3 - Management Area Direction C - Eligible Wild and Scenic Rivers
Chapter 4 - Monitoring and Evaluation D - Age Class Definition by Habitat Type
Glossary* E - Wilderness Management Plan
Index F - Disposition of 1986 Management Indicator Species
  G - Vegetation Interpreations by Forest Habitat Types
*Rev 1, 06/26/2009 corrections H - Third and Fourth Order Streams

 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

Front Matter / Preface Appendices
Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need A - Public Involvement
Chapter 2 - Alternatives B - Analysis Process
Chapter 3 - Environmental Effects* C - Roadless Area Evaluation
Chapter 4 - Contributors D - Transportation Analysis
Chapter 5 - Agencies and Individuals Consulted E Suited and Non-Suited Lands
Glossary F - Species Viability
Literature Cited G - Biological Evaluation
 Index H - ROS Classes
  I - Strategic Plan
 *Rev 01/17/06 corrected fig 3-35 on p 3-413 J - Third and Fourth Order Streams

Executive Summary - Final Environmental Impact Statement

Executive Summary

Regional Forester's Record of Decision

Record of Decision

Administrative Changes and Amendments

Changes and Amendments

Key Contacts


Stacy Lemieux
Natural Resources Staff Officer
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