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Forest Orders

Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulation 261.50 (a) gives each Forest Supervisor the authority to issue orders which close or restrict use of the of described areas within the area over which she has jurisdiction. An order may close an area to entry or may restrict the use of an area by applying any or all of the prohibitions authorized in Title 36, Part 261, Subpart B, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Forest Orders:

Order #


Effective Date

Regionwide Orders
06-00-00-22-01 Fireworks & Exploding Targets Prohibited 06/22/2022
06-00-00-21-02 Weed-Free Forage & Mulch Products Required 07/01/2021
06-00-00-21-03 Traffic Safety 09/23/2021
06-00-00-20-02  Drugs and Alcohol 06/12/2020
06-00-00-15-001 Aquatic Invasive Species 03/03/2015
R6-2007-01 Weed Free Hay and Crop Products in Wilderness 04/13/2007
R-94-004 Wilderness Use Restrictions 05/06/1993
88-4 Prohibition: Bicycle use on Pacific Crest Trail 08/31/1988
RF-3 Industrial Fire Precaution Levels 06/12/1989
RF-2 Spark arrestors required 06/12/1989
Forestwide Orders
06-03-00-20-08 Camping Occupancy and Use Restrictions 09/04/2020
06-03-05-19-01 Motorized Use on Lakes 07/02/2019
R-94-003 Prohibition: Restoration areas & shortcutting trail switchbacks 05/06/1993
R-93-007 Wilderness permit requirements 05/06/1993
R-92-06 Wilderness Camping & Campfire Restrictions 05/18/1992
Cowlitz Valley Ranger District
06-03-05-19-02 Pole Patch Camping Closure 08/01/2019
GP-99-016 Prohibition: Camping & Pack Animals in Tatoosh Lakes Basin 06/15/1999
GP-99-015 Packwood Lake Motor Restrictions 06/15/1999
R-95-008 Blue Lake Vehicle Restrictions 06/14/1995
Mount Adams Ranger District
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument & Administrative Unit
06-03-01-22-03 Mount St. Helens Crater Closure     (MAP) 06/21/2022
06-03-01-22-02 Mt. Margaret Backcountry Prohibitions     (MAP) 06/21/2022
06-03-01-22-01 Forest Road 99 Extension Entry Restrictions     (MAP) 06/21/2022
06-03-01-21-02 Ape Cave Interpretive Site Entry Restrictions        view closure map 07/16/2021
06-03-01-21-01 Mount St. Helens Closure Area #2 04/15/2021