Klamath National Forest and Butte Valley National Grassland

A Northern California Adventure

The Klamath National Forest & Butte Valley National Grassland cover 1,700,000 acres in Northern California and Southern Oregon. The forest includes the Klamath National Wild & Scenic River and several wilderness, botanical, and geologic areas.

Visit Klamath National Forest

Be a part of the Siskiyou County Resource Advisory Committee!

The Klamath National Forest is seeking members to serve on the Siskiyou County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC). The RAC is a local advisory committee that recommends projects for funding to federal land managers, which will benefit resources on public lands. 

  • Fire Danger 

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    The fire danger rating is HIGH.

  • Firewood Cutting

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    Cutting firewood for personal use is a popular pastime for many people who live near the Klamath National Forest. Make sure you have a permit and "Know Before You Go."

  • Campgrounds and Trailheads

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    With nearly one million acres for your enjoyment, relaxation, and exploration, you can experience the solitude of the wilderness or enjoy camping near others in developed campgrounds.

  • Butte Valley National Grassland

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    Butte Valley National Grassland occurs in a scenic basin within the southern Cascade Range, located in northern California. The National Grassland is 18,425 acres in size and is the only national grassland in California.