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Klamath National Forest Hiring Information

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Every Kid In a Park

The Klamath National Forest Service encourages all 4th graders to get an Every Kid in a Park Pass! The pass is used to access federal forests, parks, and trails that charge a fee for free! Print a pass voucher online a...

Bird Banding; A Delicate Art and a Precise Science.

photos depicting two types of warblers and two biologists photographing a northern flicker

Public lands provide some of the most important habitat for birds across the United States. A wide variety of songbirds can be found in the diverse of habitats on the Klamath National Forest. Birds are an excellent indicator of health and function of entire ecosystems.  Monitoring birds using the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) protocol which includes bird banding is an important tool in tracking bird populations because it allows scientists to determine the condition and productivity of a local habitat area.

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Wildland Fire and Incident Information System

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Current wildland fire information.

Butte Valley National Grassland

Butte Valley National Grassland

Administered by the Goosenest Ranger District, this is the only National Grassland in California.