Klamath National Forest allows Siskiyou County residents and visitors to cut one free Christmas tree per family for the 2020 holiday season.

Klamath National Forest offers one free Christams Tree per family for 2020

Yreka, California November 23, 2020 - Acting Forest Supervisor Rachel Smith will allow Siskiyou County residents and visitors to cut one Christmas Tree per family on National Forest lands without a permit this year.  Ms. Smith has made this decision because of the economic hardships many county residents have faced during 2020 and because Forest Service offices remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's what you need to Know Before You Go.

Maps of popular areas for Christmas trees:

Carter Meadows Summit - elevation 6,000 ft: 15-minutes from Callahan, CA.

Deadwood Creek - elevation 3,600 ft.: half-hour west of Yreka off Forest Road 45N49.

Deer Mountain - elevation 6, 000 ft.: on the Forest’s east side one-hour from Yreka.  The area is off Forest Road 19, which is regularly plowed up to the Deer Mountain Snowmobile Park.

Etna Summit – elevation 6,000 ft: 15-minutes from Etna off County Rd. 1C01 (Sawyer’s Bar Rd).

Four Corners and Fourmile Hill– elevation 5,200 ft: on the far eastern side of the Forest off of Forest Road 15, which is regularly plowed to Four Corners Snowmobile Park.

Mt. Ashland area elevation above 5,000 ft: 45-minutes north of Yreka off Mt. Ashland Ski Road.

Willow Creek Mountain – elevation 6,200 ft: on the Forests's east side a half-hour from Macdoel, and west of Martin's Dairy Campground.

Digital maps for mobile devices and more detailed color maps of the Forest road sytem are available here.

Slater-Devil wildfire closure area on Klamath National Forest to remain closed through January 6, 2021 to protect public safety.

  • Forest Order 20-05-26 closes the area, including roads and trails, around the Slater-Devil Fire near Happy Camp, CA through January 6, 2021 to protect public safety.

  • Link to closure area map: Slater- Devil Fire Closure Area map

  • The Red-Salmon fire area closure expired on November 16, 2020 and this area is now reopened to the public.

The Emergency Fire Restrictions prohibiting all campfires on National Forests expired on November 7, 2020. 

  • Campfires, and use of gas stoves & propane stoves is now allowed throughout the Klamath National Forest.  California campfire permits are required.

Klamath National Forest closed most of its developed recreation sites for the winter season October 19, 2020.

  • All trailheads outside the wildfire closure areas, all river access sites, and both OHV areas remain open. 

  • See a current list of open and closed sites on our recreation conditions report page.







July 30, 2020—All Klamath National Forest offices and facilities are currently open virtually only. Please call the Visitor Information staff at your local office for assistance.


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Siskiyou County Tree Mortality Task Force

The task force aims to carry out a proactive tree mortality program including federal, state, local, public and private entities to promote and initiate processes and projects to decrease the impacts of tree mortality throughout Siskiyou County.

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Pollinator Demonstration Garden at Headquarters

Image of a bee on milkweed flowers

Pollinators, essential to maintaining human food sources as well as food for most other animals and plants, are under stress.  Many pollinator populations are in decline, primarily because of loss of nesting and feeding habitats.

At the Klamath National Forest Headquarters, a small garden demonstrates how it is possible to help local pollinators.  The garden designed specifically to be a waystation for migrating monarchs has several local plants beneficial for our local pollinators.

Learn more about our garden and how you can develop your garden to support pollinators.

Be Bear Aware on the Klamath

Poster shows ideas on how to be bear aware

Black bears are common on the Klamath National Forest.  To enjoy your visit safely, be sure to take home trash, garbage, and anything that could smell interesting to a bear (gum, toothpaste, soap)  Pack it In/Pack it Out.  Dispose of trash at home, not in the forest where it can become a focus for bears looking for food.  The bears (and you) will be healthier and safer if the bears eat their natural food in the forest.

There are easy things you can do while enjoying your national public lands to protect yourself and bears from harmful encounters. This brochure should help get you started (download brochure .pdf file)

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Working Together for a Safer, Healthier Forest

Image of hillside after mastication project

The Craggy Vegetation Management Project was developed to improve fire resiliency by reducing fuels and stand density in strategic areas. See the full story here.

Forest Service Releases Bioregional Assessment of NW Forests

Image of children walking across a log in a National Forest

The NW regions of the Forest Service collaboratively developed and released a Bioregional Assessment of the current ecological, social and economic conditions on NW national forests.



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Wildflower Show still available online

Image of the top part of the 2020 Flower Show poster

The 27th Annual Siskiyou Co. Mother's Day Wildflower Show was virtual this year.  The show, completed on May 10, is still available to view on Facebook

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