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Popular Recreation Activities

Hiking Camping Winter sports. Fishing Water Activites

We have lots more information about recreation opportunities across the forest!

Klamath National Forest Hiring Information

2018 Teporary NON-Fire Hiring Opportunities Outreach

Visitor Services Information Assistant Outreach

Motorized Travel Management Information

Siskiyou County Tree Mortality Task Force

The task force aims to carry out a proactive tree mortality program including federal, state, local, public and private entities to promote and initiate processes and projects to decrease the impacts of tree mortality throughout Siskiyou County.


Be Bear Aware on the Klamath

Poster shows ideas on how to be bear aware

Black bears are not an uncommon site on the Klamath National Forest. There are easy things you can do while enjoying your national public lands to protect yourself and bears from harmful encounters. This brochure should help get you started.


Every Kid In a Park

The Klamath National Forest Service encourages all 4th graders to get an Every Kid in a Park Pass! The pass is used to access federal forests, parks, and trails that charge a fee for free! Print a pass voucher online a...

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Wildland Fire and Incident Information System

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Current wildland fire information.

Butte Valley National Grassland

Butte Valley National Grassland

Administered by the Goosenest Ranger District, this is the only National Grassland in California.