Los Padres National Forest

Welcome to the 2024 Figueroa wildflower season!

Spring has sprung, and the wildflowers are are doing the same.

Figueroa Wildflower Update late April/early May 2024


  • Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Guide

    Purple lupine wildflowers blooming on a hillside on Figueroa Mountain

    Beautiful wildflowers can be found on Figueroa Mountain at various times during wildflower season as well as throughout the Los Padres National Forest. Normally, the wildflowers start blooming in late February to early March and continue to April or May. Weather plays a big role in when flowers bloom and how long they stay. Use this guide to help you identify the wildflowers this spring on Figueroa Mountain.

  • Helen Tarbet - Santa Lucia Ranger District's Wildflower Ranger

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    We would like to highlight the remarkable achievements of the amazing Helen Tarbet, who has worked as a recreation technician and educator on Los Padres' Santa Lucia Ranger District for 27 years. She has also worked on fire assignments as an information officer and is currently Logistics Chief 3 for Los Padres. Each year, from early March through late May, Helen also takes on another title – Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Ranger.


Remembering Patrick Lieske

Image of Patrick Lieske - Los Padres Wildlife biologist wearing Forest Service Uniform

Family, friends and colleagues were stunned and grief stricken upon learning that Los Padres Wildlife, Range, and Botany Program Manager Patrick Lieske suffered a fatal injury while mountain biking April 15. Patrick had gone out for one of his grueling rides Monday evening and was reported missing early the next morning. Search and rescue teams from Santa Barbara, Ventura and Kern Counties were instrumental in locating Patrick April 18 along the Santa Ynez River following a two-day search of the area.

Patrick’s colleagues remember him as a dedicated public servant who took great pride in his work.

“He was upfront and forward and I believe this was his way of giving the wildlife of the forest a voice,"said Dr. Nicole Molinari, who worked with Patrick for many years. He took his duties and obligations as a wildlife biologist seriously and in so doing he’s created a legacy for the protection of animals on the Los Padres.” 

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Los Padres Fire Captain Jack Reimers receives award for outstanding service

Jack Reimers

Captain Jack Reimers was recently awarded for his outstanding service, effective leadership and tireless efforts facilitating training opportunities for his fellow employees on the Los Padres National Forest.

A dedicated firefighter of twenty years, Jack has given his entire career thus far to the Los Padres NF. Jack started his career in 2004 on the Ojai Sundowners handcrew. He worked several seasons both on the Sundowners and on Engine 51 based out of Casitas Lake. In 2008, he became an apprentice and worked on Helicopter 528 in Santa Ynez later becoming fire engine operator on Engine 51. During this time he also worked a detail as Patrol 51 serving the Ojai Ranger District as a fire prevention pfficer. In 2018, he was promoted to Engine Captain on E-343 at Rincon Station, serving there on the Santa Barbara Ranger District for three seasons. In 2021, he returned to the District Office in Ojai as Engine Captain 352 where he is currently stationed.

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