The 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219) requires each forest to establish a Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) monitoring program consistent with the monitoring requirements of the rule by May 9, 2016.  The National Forests in Alabama completed this process with an Administrative Change signed on May 3,2016. Additional information can be found on the NFsAL Forest Plan Monitoring Plan Transition webpage.

Decisions for managing your national forests occur at two levels.  The Forest Plan level provides broad, long-range, general management direction similar to a county land use plan.  Before an actual ground-disturbing project can occur, a more site-specific project plan is completed.  Site specific projects are designed to meet the goals and objectives of the Forest Plan and both levels of planning provide opportunities for input from citizens and local communities.

A Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) is our way of keeping you informed and involved in our projects.  It gives you early notice of upcoming projects that you may find an interest in.  It also updates you on the status projects currently undergoing environmental analysis.  If you are interested in a project or projects, please contact the responsible Forest Service official shown on the (SOPA) to provide project specific comments and become involved in the process.

Monitoring projects and activities measures the progress toward achievement of the desired conditions and objectives established by the Plan.  Throughout the adaptive cycle of planning and site-specific project implementation, the plan is subject to change (amendment or revision) based on the results of periodic monitoring and evaluation and any other new information that becomes available.  Monitoring also provides information to keep the public informed on the performance of the forest.