Forest Products Permits

Prior to removing forest products for personal use from National Forest System lands, visitors are required to purchase a forest products permit. These permits must be purchased in person at a Forest Service office. The availability of forest products varies by location. Like other forest resources, they must be carefully managed to protect and ensure a lasting supply for the future. Permits are issued for many products and a minimal fee may be charged. Contact a local district office first for a listing of available products. Remember, all commercial uses or removal of products on public lands requires a permit.

Ginseng Collection Special Permits

The National Forests in Alabama are not currently issuing collection permits for American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). The policy and federal regulations found in FSM 2409.18_87 and 36 CFR 223.219 direct forests to issue and manage permits for Special Forest Products (including Forest Botanical Products) in an ecologically sustainable manner. Therefore, collection permits are only issued for plant products when the collection and associated actions will not jeopardize the viability of the species and/or its populations. Past botanical surveys and monitoring efforts on the National Forests in Alabama have indicated that there are not sufficient numbers of American ginseng plants available to offer collection at this time in a sustainable manner.