The implementation of change on the Angeles National Forest requires several layers of planning, including input from the public. This page is designed provide the public with most up-to-date documents and share planning documents and efforts to the public.

Land Management Plan Monitoring – 2016 Changes

The Angeles National Forest and SGMNM are seeking public comment on changes to our Land Management Plan Monitoring Framework. The changes are required by new planning regulations adopted by the Forest Service in 2012. Monitoring helps us assess the condition of National Forest resources, and determine if we are moving toward the desired conditions established in the Land Management Plan. It also helps identify and define future projects that are needed to meet the desired condition. Three documents are available for review and comment: 1) An  Appendix C – Monitoring Requirements; 2) Best Available Science document; and 3) Cover Letter inviting comments and providing instructions on how to submit them

Final Documents

2006 Record of Decision - Angeles National Forest (PDF)  (HTML)
Part 1: Southern California National Forests Vision (PDF)  (HTML) (HTML maintained by the Cleveland National Forest)
Part 2: Angeles National Forest Strategy (PDF, 13.5MB) (HTML) Links to Table of Contents
Part 3: Design Criteria for the Southern California National Forests (PDF)  (HTML) (HTML maintained by the Cleveland National Forest)

Selected Alternative Maps

Below are links to the selected alternative maps for the Land and Resource Management Plan:

Monitoring and Evaluation Reports


Over the years the Forest Plan will change in response to monitoring and evaluation, new information, and changes in conditions. Minor corrections (“errata”), such as typographical errors, will be needed.  Follow these links to find Foes Plan Errata’s.  

Errata - Sept06-final (PDF)

Errata - ANF-Table474 (PDF)

Errata - 1920-2-ANF-Designated-Utility-Corridors (PDF)


Over the years the Forest Plan will change in response to monitoring and evaluation, new information, and changes in conditions. Corrective actions may include land management plan amendments. Implementing site-specific activities may also require amending the Forest Plan.

All amendments to the Angeles Forest Plan, including both significant or non-significant amendments, will be posted.

2012 Scoping Letter for Proposed Land Management Plan Amendment

Forest Service Handbook Supplement

FSH 2509.22 - Soil and Water Conservation Practices Handbook (PDF)

Related Links and Background

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