Land Management Planning


The implementation of change on the Angeles National Forest (ANF) requires several layers of planning, including input from the public. This page is designed provide the public with most up-to-date documents and share planning documents and efforts to the public.

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See below under LMP Monitoring - 2023 ANF LMP Monitoring Administrative Change (Comments requested!)

Final ANF Land Management Plan (LMP) Documents

2006 Record of Decision - Angeles National Forest (PDF)  
Part 1: Southern California National Forests Vision (PDF)  
Part 2: Angeles National Forest Strategy (PDF)
Part 3: Design Criteria for the Southern California National Forests (PDF) 

Selected Alternative Maps

Below are links to the selected alternative maps for the Land and Resource Management Plan:

LMP Administrative Change

The purpose of this document is to add the newly designated Saint Francis Dam Disaster Monument Memorial boundary to the Forest Plan in an administrative change. In 2019, Congress authorized the creation of the Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Memorial for the purpose of honoring the victims of the Saint Francis Dam disaster. Ongoing planning and development of a National Memorial/Monument at the site in the San Francisquito Canyon has been a collaborative effort.

Approximately 353 Acres Township 5 & 6 North, Range 15 & 16 West, San Bernardino Meridian, County of Los Angeles, CA

Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Memorial and Monument

LMP Amendments

Over the years the Forest Plan will change in response to monitoring and evaluation, new information, and changes in conditions. Corrective actions may include land management plan amendments.

Southern California National Forests Land Management Plan Amendment (2014)

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Plan as Land Management Plan Amendment (2019)

LMP Monitoring

2023 ANF LMP Monitoring Administrative Change (Comments requested!)

2016 Transition to New Planning Rule

The four Southern California National Forests propose the following administrative changes to the Land Management Plan (LMP) monitoring requirements in 2016. These changes are proposed in order to comply with the requirements of the 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219.12).

Monitoring Requirement

  • The Monitoring Requirement document is an administrative change to Appendix C of the 2005 Angeles National Forest Land Management Plan (ANF LMP).

  • Part 1 - monitoring questions and monitoring indicators
  • Part 2 - program implementation including inventory activities
  • Part 3 - project level monitoring

Monitoring Best Available Scientific Information (BASI)

Monitoring Reports

The 2012 Forest Planning requires a biennial evaluation of new information gathered through the plan monitoring program and relevant information from the broader-scale strategy, and a written report of the evaluation made available to the public.

Previous reports:


Over the years the Forest Plan will change in response to monitoring and evaluation, new information, and changes in conditions. Minor corrections (“errata”), such as typographical errors, will be needed.  Follow these links to find Foes Plan Errata’s.  

Business Plan for Angeles National Forest (2003)

Forest Service Handbook Supplement

FSH 2509.22 - Soil and Water Conservation Practices Handbook (PDF)


Key Contacts

  • Jerry Brian, Environmental Coordinator
  • Email:
  • Phone: (626) 574-5225
[image]: Cover of Angeles National Forest Forest Plan.

Angeles National Forest Land Management Plan