Tribal Relations

Tribal Relations

Welcome to Tribal Relations Program site for the Angeles National Forest. The Forest Service recognizes American Indians as people with distinct cultures and traditional values.  American Indians have a unique legal and political relationship with the government of the United States. This relationship is defined by history, treaties, statutes, executive orders, policies, court decisions, and the United States Constitution.  Forest Service policy in general states that the Forest Service will:

  • Maintain a governmental relationship with federally recognized tribal governments;
  • Implement our programs and activities honoring tribal rights and fulfill legally mandated trust responsibilities;
  • Administer programs and activities to address and be sensitive to traditional relations beliefs and practices; and
  • Provide research, transfer of technology, and technical assistance to Tribes.

The primary goal of the Tribal Relations Program on the Angeles National Forest is to maintain the relationships between the Forest Service and tribal governments, and the local Native American communities, and organizations.  The Angeles National Forest engages members of the local Native American community in a proactive program that facilitates mutual understanding of National Forest management.  The Forest’s Tribal Relations Program Manager formally meets with Native American groups on a regular basis to discuss a wide range of issues, including traditional practices, Forest projects, management concerns, and archaeological investigations on the Forest. 

An example of a successful partnership is the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center.  The local Native American community was seeking a place by which they could “reconnect to their roots” in a natural environment. The Forest Service was able to provide a vacant fire station, through a permit, for use by the community.  Haramokngna, "the place where people gather," has become a place for local Native Americans to share their culture, heritage, and traditions with each other, and provide educational information about the Native American culture to the public and other visitors to the San Gabriel Mountains.

For more information, contact the Angeles National Forest Tribal Relations Program Manager David Peebles, at (626) 574-5273