The Bighorn National Forest is located in north central part of Wyoming.
Where is this Forest?


Passes & Permits

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The Bighorn National Forest is open, free of charge, for your use and enjoyment. Fees may be charged and permits required for certain activities and uses, such as camping in developed campgrounds. Fees are used to help maintain and improve the amenities you enjoy.

Permits are required for certain individual and commercial activities that occur on National Forest System lands. Business permit holders, such as campground concessions and outfitters/guides, may provide services to public land users.

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Guided services

Outfitters and guides are our partners in providing thousands of satisfied customers with recreational experiences they might not otherwise have the opportunity or ability to enjoy. Guided experiences range from equestrian trail rides and hunting trips to whitewater kayaking and rafting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, auto touring and bird watching, to name a few.

On some national forests, there are limited opportunities for additional outfitting businesses because land capability and social capacity will not sustain increased use. The number and type of available outfitting opportunities vary among national forests, so you should contact the local ranger district office for information about the availability of permits for the area and activitiy you are interested in.

To hire outfitter and guide services authorized to operate through Forest Service permits, please reference standard commercial services listings and contact them directly.

Please visit our Special Uses page for more information about obtaining a special use authorization, or permit, on the Bighorn National Forest.


Deadlines for submitting proposals for temporary outfitter and guide and recreation event requests are:

March 15 for proposed activities from May 1 through October 31

September 15 for proposed activities from November 1 through April 30


Plant-A-Tree Program

The Plant-A-Tree program is a way that individuals, groups & businesses can have trees planted on the National Forests to memorialize loved ones, commemorate births, weddings, anniversaries, or other special events, while helping to improve the environment.