Forest Products Permits

Forest products permits are required for removal and use of forest products from the Bighorn National Forest. The major products available to individuals are firewood, posts and poles, Christmas trees, and transplants.

Contact the local ranger district office for information about the types of permits available and rules for forest products from the Bighorn.

Permits may be purchased by mail or at Bighorn National Forest offices in Buffalo, Greybull, and Sheridan. 

To purchase permits through the mail, use the forms listed on the right side of this page. 


With a firewood permit, you may cut dead and down material Forest-wide except as noted on the permit. Material must be hauled in lengths less than eight feet. Other regulations for cutting and removing firewood are stated on the permit.

The Guide to Firewood Cutting provides useful information.


Cost $6.00 per cord
Minimum purchase 4 cords (each purchase)
Maximum purchase 12 cords per calendar year
Availability Year round
Expiration December 31

Posts and poles (dead, live, and teepee) 

Permits for other products such as saw logs, house logs, or commercial quantities of firewood or posts and poles are usually available only on a competitive basis. Contact a ranger district office if you are interested in any of these products.

With a post and pole permit you may cut material seven inches or less in diameter. There is no maximum length per piece. Live trees suitable for posts, poles, or teepee poles may be cut only in designated areas. Permits for live material depend on availability. Other regulations for cutting and removing posts and poles are stated on the permit.

 Useful information is provided in this Guide to Posts and Poles.  

Cost $9.00 / permit
Minimum purchase 3 permits each purchase (60 poles) - dead or live
1 permit per family - teepee (family ceremonial)
Maximum purchase 20 permits per calendar year (max 400 poles)
Availability Dead - Year round
Live/Teepee - Approximately July 1
Expiration Dead - December 31
Live - September 30
Teepee - August 31

 Christmas trees

Cutting your own Christmas tree can be an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Terms and conditions for cutting Christmas trees will be given to you when you purchase the permit.

Trees cut with these permits must be less than 10 feet tall. Permits may be available through some commercial outlets. Information regarding other applicable regulations are available at any district office.

See the Guide to Christmas Tree Cutting for more information.

Cost $8.00 / permit (valid for 1 tree)
Minimum purchase 1 permit
Maximum purchase: 5 permits
Availability November
Expiration December 31


Transplanting a tree, shrub, or other plant can improve the aesthetic as well as economic value of your property. You may dig trees, flowers, and bushes with a permit.

Transplant permits are available usually beginning Memorial Day weekend. Transplanting trees is most successful if done in the early spring or late fall when the tree is dormant.

Several conifer species can be found on the Bighorn National Forest, including lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce, subalpine fir, ponderosa pine, and Douglas-fir.

The maximum transplant height (less root wad) is six feet for conifer-evergreen trees, 10 feet for aspen and hardwoods, and three feet for shrubs. Limber pine trees cannot be removed. Information on transplanting and other regulations in regard to digging them is available at any district office.

See the Guide to Transplants for more information.

Cost $5.00 / permit (valid for 1 tree)
Minimum purchase 4 permits
Maximum purchase 5 permits
Availability Approximately Memorial Day weekend (early spring or late fall suggested)
Expiration December 31