[Photograph]: Forest Service employee working with children.Volunteer service in the Forest Service was formalized when the Volunteers in the National Forests Act of 1972 was enacted, authorizing the Forest Service to legally accept Volunteers' services as individuals or groups. Typical volunteers include retirees, professionals, international visitors, college students, teenagers, and children.

Organizations that have worked in partnership with the Forest Service include youth groups, civic organizations, environmental groups, user groups, educational institutions, fraternities and sororities, special interest clubs, major corporations, and small businesses.

The US Forest Service volunteer program provides an experience that will stand out in any person's life.  Projects can range from trail maintenance to animal species research.  Learn more about Forest Service volunteer opportunities throughout the country!


Passport in Time Program

Williams Spring Archeological Dig

Volunteer with archeological digs or historic restoration projects! 

Volunteer Partner Groups

Miller Cabin Volunteers

It is not only individuals who volunteer on their national forest, but groups as well.