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Map of Carson National Forest


The Carson National Forest sells the following maps: All maps cost $14.00 per copy. These are color maps and show some Forest Service system roads and trails. The scale is 1/2"-1 mile. These maps are planimetric and show some spot elevations. They are not available in topographic form. You can order maps online at the National FS store, or any of the Carson National Forest District offices.



  • Carson National Forest $14.00
  • Santa Fe National Forest $14.00
  • San Juan National Forest $14.00

Topographical Maps*

  • Wheeler/Latir Wilderness Map $14.00
  • Pecos Wilderness Map $14.00
  • Cruces Basin Map $14.00
  • Valle Vidal Map $14.00

*These are the only maps we sell. We do not sell hunting unit maps, national parks, state parks, etc.

You can order any of these maps from the  National Forest Store.

To order other maps from Region 3 (New Mexico and Arizona) go to the Regional Maps & Publication webpage, or National Forest Store.

National Forest maps can also be ordered from USGS Store. This service is provided by USGS under an interagency agreement.

Link to Motor Vehicle Maps

Download Carson Pocket Guides



The USGS is making available its vast, nation-wide collection of 'historic' topographic maps--over 200,000 individual map sheets.

GIS Datasets

Selected GIS data that encompass the Carson National Forests are available for download.

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