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Resourceful maps of National Forests and National Grasslands in New Mexico and Arizona, including wildernesses.

How to Order Maps

For your convenience, there are three easy ways to purchase maps for the Carson National Forest.

Popular Carson National Forest Maps

  • Carson NF Map

    Plastic tear proof map of the east and west sides of the Forest. The map highlights Forest roads, trails, and recreational areas.
    Map scale 1:126,720.
    Cost $14.00.

  • Cruces Basin

    Plastic, waterproof and tear proof detailed map of the Cruces Basin Wilderness.
    Map scale 1:24,000.
    Cost $14.

  • Wildernesses

    Plastic, waterproof and tear proof detailed map of Wheeler Peak, Latir Peak and the Columbine-Hondo Wildernesses.
    Map scale 1:24,000.
    Cost $14.

Printable, Online and Downloadable Maps

  • Interactive Map

    Create your own map with the 154 National Forests and National Grasslands. 

  • Avenza Maps

    Free and for a fee mobile maps. Track your location, even when offline.

  • MVUM Maps

    Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) are the official maps for motorized travel on the Carson National Forest.

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