Forest Products Permits

People enjoy collecting herbs, cones, latillas and other items from National Forest land.

In order to become familiar with the rules, it is always best to check with the Carson National Forest before gathering/collecting items from National Forest land.

All plants on National Forest System lands, from pine cones to the largest trees, belong to the American public. Just as the Forest Service sells timber, harvesting plant materials that are of value must be purchased for a fair market value with the proceeds going to the U.S. Treasury. Permits are sometimes required to provide guidelines for the appropriate collection, make collectors aware of any restrictions in collecting and to display the appropriate fee.

Dead and Down - Fuelwood Permits

  • Fuelwood permits are available over the phone. Visit our fuelwood guide or fuelwood sales page for instructions and frequently asked questions. 
  • The $20 permit is good for up to 10 cords.
  • Dead-and-down permits expire on Dec. 31 of the year they are purchased. Permits are valid on the entire forest, except in designated wilderness and restricted permit areas. Refer to the fuelwood guide for appropriate locations.
  • Chainsaw use can be restricted at times during the summer due to fire hazard.
  • Check Current Conditions for current fire restrictions before heading out for wood products.

Christmas Trees

Permits for cutting Christmas trees on the Carson National Forest will be available starting November 9. Each permit is $5 (for any species) up to 10 feet, $10 for over 10 feet - up to 15 feet, and $15 for over 15 feet - up to 20 feet. As many as three permits can be purchased per person. You may either cut or dig up your tree.  Visit our Christmas Tree page for detailed information.  Visit to purchase a permit online!

Latillas and Stays

No live aspen. 

Camino Real District- $0.50 per stem, not to exceed 4" butt diameter.

Questa, Canjilon, Tres Piedras, and El Rito Districts- green latillas  $0.50 per stem, not to exceed 4" butt diameter.

The following are not open for latilla cutting:

  • Reforestation areas
  • Within 150 feet of paved graveled forest roads
  • Within 150 feet of lake and flowing streams
  • Within established recreation areas

All latillas must be at least 2 inches in diameter but not exceed a 4-inch diamter at the butt.

Load removal records must be filled out, signed, and dated before leaving the area.

Permits must be purchased by phone, from the ranger district you are planning to collect at.

Green and Dead Vigas

Contact your local Ranger District for additional information on limits and season. 

Green Vigas (all species) Dead Vigas (except dead, standing Ponderosa Pine)

  • 6.9" DBH & Less - $0.05/LF
  • 7.0" DBH to 8.9" - $0.15/LF
  • 9.0” DBH to 11.9” - $0.20/LF
  • 12.0” DBH to 15.9” - $0.50/LF
  • 16.0” DBH to 19.9” - $0.70/LF
  • 20.0” DBH to 23.9” - $0.90/LF

Designated areas only for green vigas. 

Miscellaneous Products

Contact your local Ranger District for additional information on price, season, limit, and designated areas.

  • Wildling
  • Cones and Needles
  • Boughs
  • Herbs
  • Juniper Post