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Alaska and the Chugach

The National Forest sits in the middle of southcentral Alaska, occupying 5.4 million acres, making it the second largest single national forest after the Tongass in southeast Alaska.

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Although it sits about 60 miles from the forest boundary, Anchorage is a good home base for forays into the Chugach. Ted Stevens International Airport is a major hub for travelers from all over the world, and the city is a great place to start trips to all parts of the state. Alaska's major highway runs south from Seward through Anchorage and then takes a turn to the north to Denali State and National Parks, Fairbanks, and the interior.

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The End (and Beginning) of the Road

Seward sits at the start of its eponymous highway, milepost #1 on the Seward Highway, just outside the boundaries of the forest. Sitting at the edge of the spectacular Resurrection Bay, Seward is an historic town with a whole bunch of quaint buildings, a small boat yard, and a heck of a 4th of July Celebration. Go to Seward and have a good time. From there you are just ten minutes from the Chugach.


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