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Because of its size and diversity the Chugach National Forest is divided into three ranger districts: Glacier, Seward, and Cordova.

Cordova Ranger District

Cordova is a commercial fishing community and home to the world famous Copper River Wild Salmon. The District is nestled between the Copper River Delta and the southeastern end of Prince William Sound and covers approximately 2.3 million acres. Beauty and adventure surrounds this magnificent place.

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Glacier Ranger District

The Glacier Ranger District encompasses most of western Prince William Sound. The Sound is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Until you’ve been there you have no idea what south-central Alaska is all about. Rainy day or sunny day, any day in Prince William Sound is a once in a lifetime day.

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The Seward Ranger District

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The Seward Ranger District encompasses the western most 890,000 acres of the Forest. Our office is located at 29847 Seward Hwy  (milepost 23.5), 112 miles southeast of Anchorage along the scenic All-American Seward Highway.

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