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The Caribou-Targhee National Forest offers a variety of employment opportunities, including permanent, summer, and volunteer positions. 

Firefighting Seasonal Employment Opportunities

Caribou-Targhee National Forest will begin seasonal fire hiring beginning November 5-10, 2021. A list of potential job vacancies is available at the following link


Fire Hire Permanent Fire Opportunities

The application period for permenant fire position has closed and the selection process is currently underway. Additional opportunities will likely be available beginning January 2022. Please continue to check back for the most current information or monitor www.usajobs.gov. 


Caribou-Targhee National Forest Seasonal Employment Opportunities

Range Crew on the Caribou-Targhee National ForestEach year, the Forest hires for a variety of seasonal positions for the summer field season. The field season typically runs from May to September. Work responsibilities include stream surveys, fish and wildlife surveys, trail building, fire fighting, campground maintenance, fence construction and maintenance, vegetation surveys, road maintenance, and heavy equipment operators.

Once you've identified a job, make sure you copy down its Announcement Number (or click on announcement number link) and duty station as listed in the document located on the right column. This will make your application process go much smoother.

The 2022 hiring period opens November 5-10! The hiring period closes November 10. For a list of CTNF available positions, please click here.




Application Process

All hiring with the Forest Service is conducted on a national scale using USAJOBS. Go to USAJOBS to apply for a position. Click here for instructions on how to complete your application . Be sure to copy down the Announcement Number (or click on announcement number link) and duty station for the job your applying for before you start the application process. You can find both these items on the 2019 seasonal job opportunities on the right column.

For detailed information about the many rewarding career fields at the US Forest Service, visit the "Careers" webpage. Or check out all the Employment webpages to find information on working for the Forest Service, special student programs, and volunteering.

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