“No heart is stronger than the heart of a volunteer”



Volunteering in the National Forest can offer valuable experience and life long memories. Give it a try!

Working with the Forest Service and fellow volunteers is an opportunity to see what our National Forests have to offer in a way beneficial to both yourself and the forest. The diversity of projects and positions available offers each person a chance to participate in an activity that meets their individual or group interests.

Why Volunteer?

  • It can give you the opportunity to pursue a special interest, such as bird watching or hiking.
  • Develop or diversify your job experience and career choices.
  • Earn credit towards college with volunteer internships.
  • If you are retired or have summers free, live on a national forest while you work as a volunteer.
  • Perform vigorous but satisfying physical labor outdoors.
  • Meet people and form new friendships, or gain self-satisfaction in providing community service.

What Captures Your Interest?

The diversity of projects and positions available offers each person a chance to participate in an activity that meets their individual or group interests.Trail work, campground host, bird surveys, conservation education, fire lookout, Adopt-A-Trail, information receptionist, and wilderness restoration projects are a few examples of what may be available. Other possibilities might include working in the field with biologists, botanists, archaeologists, recreation rangers, and other Forest Service personnel. Projects can range from a single day project to a long term undertaking lasting for several months.

Volunteering Topics

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Who Are Our Volunteers and Partners?

How Do I Volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering in general, fill out the Volunteer application and contact the Volunteer Program coordinator. We will try to match your interest with our project needs.

Eldorado National Forest
Volunteer Program

attn: Kristi Schroeder
100 Forni Road
Placerville, CA 95667

Adopt-A-Trail (Area) Program

There are approximate 800 miles of trails and numerous camping areas or campgrounds on the Eldorado National Forest available for hiking, horseback riding, biking, skiing, and motorized vehicle use.

Individuals and groups can help maintain these trails and restore or protect resources in our area by “adopting” a trail.  Your group would return on a continuing basis to ensure the trail that you adopt would remain in good condition.

ENF Annual Volunteer Reports

Partnerships Resources

Looking to form a partnership on your public lands? The Partnership Resource Center provides online resources you need for building vibrant partnerships and effective collaboration on the nation's forests, grasslands, and other special places.
The PRC website is a joint project of the National Forest Foundation and the United States Forest Service.

Other Information

  • Volunteer service in the Forest Service was formalized in the Volunteers in the National Forest Act of 1972. This act allowed the Forest Service to legally accept the services of volunteers as individuals or groups.
  • Volunteers are not considered federal employees except for purposes of tort claims and work related injuries.
  • While they receive no pay, expenses for such things as transportation, subsistence and uniforms may be negotiated on a case by case basis.