Passes & Permits

The Forest Service strives to preserve and protect the many resources of El Yunque National Forest, while making them available to the public for different uses and experiences. In order to balance those demands, and to promote sustainable management of our local resources, fees, passes and/or permits may be required for occupancy and special uses of El Yunque lands. 

  • Passes

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    Before you plan an activity on national forest lands, please check whether or not you need a pass or permit. Many of the facilities and services are free; however, some activities require fees or permits.

  • Special Permits

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    A permit may be required for group gatherings or events, filming or videography, research, plant collection, or long term uses such as outfitter guides, telecommunication towers and water systems, among others.

  • Fee-Free Days

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    Each year, the Forest Service offers days when the public can enjoy for free most of the day-use areas on lands the agency manages, waiving recreation fees.