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Are you ready to recreate on your national forest lands? This link will help you determine if a site requires a recreation fee to help pay for the facilities and services that you will be using. You will also learn about the variety of pass and permit options available to you. 

Special Use Permits 

The USDA Forest Service requires you to obtain a Special Use Permit in order to perform certain activities within the forest boundaries. Various groups and individuals regularly approach the El Yunque National Forest with requests to use national forest lands for an variety of diverse activities. The Forest Service must weigh whether the proposed use is compatible with the values that make the El Yunque National Forest an irreplaceable resource, including its plants, animals, natural beauty, clean air and water, and recreation opportunities.

Applicants for special-use permits should note that the permitting process is lengthy, may require a multi-step environmental analysis and documentation process, and ultimately may not even be approved!

The Forest Service also evaluates special-use proposals and applications to determine if they are in the public interest. At a minimum, these proposals should: be consistent with Forest Plan management objectives, standards, and desired future conditions; they must be consistent with other applicable Federal, Commonwealth, and municipal statutes and regulations; and not be undertaken on national forest land if they can be reasonably accommodated on private lands.

Certain types of special use permits such as those required for commercial filming and photography, special events and activities, Outfitter/Guide and tour operators, scientific research, and various land uses, e.g., communication and broadcast equipment and road and water rights-of way, usually require Special Use Permits.

Questions, proposals or forms on special uses and lands programs can be sent by email or fax to:


Fax: 787-888-5622

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Myrna Tirado, Realty Specialist