The Forest Service uses volunteers for a variety of programs. Some volunteer projects involve trail maintenance or campground hosting while other projects have restored stream banks. The types of projects depend on our funding, what needs to get done and the complexity of the project.

Call any of our Forest offices to inquire about potential volunteer opportunities, or you can check online HERE. You may also download a Volunteer Application for Natural Resource Agencies (Word document, 37Kb), and take it to the forest office where you are interested in volunteering.

For national opportunities, look in the Volunteer Directory.

Some volunteers work full-time for several months, while others donate a few hours each week or contribute a one-time service. Students may volunteer to earn college credits through a college-approved intern program, or to become familiar with Forest Service activities and philosophy. Many individuals have found that their volunteer experience has guided them towards job interest and possible careers. Retirees often find volunteering gives them a new opportunity to share their skills.

Forest Service Volunteer Opportunities

Intermountain Region / Rocky Mountain Research Station

More Volunteer Opportunities

The following web sites provide information about volunteer opportunities throughout the nation.

USA Freedom Corps

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