Forest Products Permits

 Permits may be obtained for collection of special forest products such as: cones, boughs, Christmas trees, nuts and berries, mushrooms, and ornamental cuttings, just to name a few. Permits may also be obtained for firewood, minerals, and timber products. A fee is charged for personal use and all commercial use permits. On the Fremont-Winema National Forest, a permit is not needed to harvest minor amounts of special forest products for direct personal use. Refer to the Incidental Use Guide for a list of products and amounts that may be collected under Incidental-Use conditions.

For most products, there are regulations covering when, how, and where collection is allowed. The intent of these regulations is to ensure continued availability and sustainability of our country’s forest resources. For more information about incidental use, how to get a permit, fees, product availability, or regulations covering collection, please contact the Forest Service office nearest your intended activity.

Incidental Use

For exceedingly small quantities of some special forest products that provide for immediate consumption or for generally unplanned, spontaneous use of products associated with a recreational forest outing or visit, a permit may not be required. Materials gathered under Incidental Free Use cannot be sold or exchanged in any form.


  • Christmas Tree Permits

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    Purchase your Christmas tree permit in advance of your visit to the forest at Use this site to purchase your permit, follow tips and guidelines for the cutting area, and ensure you are prepared for a safe and fun forest adventure.

  • Firewood Permits

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    A firewood personal-use permit is required to cut, gather, and transport firewood. Permits and maps showing where firewood can be obtained are available at all forest offices. Free-use and commercial-use firewood permits are periodically available.

  • Mushroom Permits

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    Free-use and commercial-use mushroom permits are available at all forest offices. Product cost, availability and season depends on species. For more detailed information, call the forest office near the area where you plan to pick mushrooms.

  • Matsutake Mushrooms

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    Matsutake mushrooms are authorized for harvest with a valid commercial-use permit during the 62-day season. Permits may be purchased from the Deschutes, Fremont-Winema, Umpqua, and Willamette National Forests, and are valid interchangeably. For more information contact the Chemult Ranger District at 541-365-7001.

  • Other Forest Product Permits

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    Free-use, personal-use and commercial-use permits can be obtained for other forest products such as: berries and other fruit; boughs, twig and other cuttings; cones; foliage; and seeds. Please contact the appropriate forest office for more specific information.