Learning Center

Visitor Centers
Each visitor center has cultural and natural history displays, recreational opportunity guides, and tourist information. You will find helpful employees to answer your questions, give you directions, and provide forest information. Hours of operation vary seasonally.

Nature & Science
Inyo National Forest is home to the oldest living trees in the world and one of North America’s oldest lakes. The hut on the summit of Mount Whitney was built more than 100 years ago as an astrophysical observatory. Find articles about these, and many other interesting nature and science topics.

History & Culture
The Inyo National Forest was established by proclamation on May 25, 1907 by President Teddy Roosevelt. View historical photos, links to our local museums and historic sites.

Outdoor Safety & Ethics 
Whether you are camping in a developed campground, hiking for the day or backpacking through the wilderness, ethical behavior and safe practices make for a more enjoyable trip and a sustainable future for the forest.

Just For Kids and Parents & Teachers
Fun stuff for kids, cool links to projects and resources for parents and teachers.