Forest Products Permits

Forest Products are forest resources used for personal, commercial, or scientific purposes, like Christmas trees, wildflowers, cones, tree boughs, nuts and berries, ornamental cuttings, moss, or rocks.

A permit is not needed for collecting small amounts of forest products for personal or family use. Products collected cannot be sold. Collecting must be done in a responsible manner and the material being collected must be abundant. For nuts, berries, or plant materials up to one gallon bag would be considered a small amount; for rocks or mineral collection a 5 gallon bucket would be considered a small amount.

Personal Use Examples:

  • Pressing wildflowers or collectiong wildflower seeds
  • Nuts, berries, pine cones, moss, or other plant materials
  • Rock or mineral samples

Collecting larger amounts of forest products for personal use, like landscaping would require a special use permit. Collecting any amout of product for resale requires a special use permit. Additional information is found on the Special Use Permit page.


Christmas Tree Permits

Traditionally, the Inyo National Forest has sold Christmas Tree permits for the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and the Bishop BLM Field Office at our visitor centers. These permits are now available online. 

For the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest: Visit and search for Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Christmas Tree permit.

For the Bishop BLM Field Office:

Opening date to be determined, pending delivery of tags.

Tree Cutting Areas:

BLM Bishop Field Office
760-873-2500 for more information
$5/tree – cash or check only
Tree Types: Pinyon Pines and Junipers only

BLM Battle Mountain District/Tonopah Field Office
775-482-7800 for more information
$4/tree – cash or check only
Tree Types: Pinyon Pine and Junipers
Cord wood also available at $5 cord.

USFS Bridgeport Ranger District/Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
760-932-7070 for more information
$10/tree – cash or check preferred
Tree Types: Pinyon Pine, Juniper, and Limited White Fir

Please contact the respective agency for more information about Christmas Trees and cord wood. Rules and regulations will be provided with permit purchase.