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The Forest Service offers positions for both permanent and temporary employees. Permanent positions are for permanent full-time or permanent seasonal employees and provide a flexible range of federal government benefits.

Temporary positions are for temporary summer/seasonal employees and provide benefits that vary with the position and location. 


USAjobs website homepage

To view positions currently open for application:

  • Go to www.usajobs.gov

  • Enter your search criteria to find positions in which you may have interest.

Important Hints:

Some job announcements will be for individual positions at a single location. Other job announcements, known as open-continuous recruitment (OCR) bulletins, will be for positions that are available at a variety of locations. Applicants apply to one vacancy and can choose several locations versus having to apply to many separate vacancy announcements. To apply for a vacancy on the Kaibab National Forest, the locations selected through an OCR should be Williams, AZ; Tusayan, AZ; Jacob Lake and/or Fredonia, AZ.

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To view announcements of upcoming positions:

Announcements of positions that are upcoming but may not necessarily be open for application just yet are found on the Forest Service Outreach website.


Fire and Fuels Permanent Positions on the Kaibab National Forest

Permanent full-time and permanent seasonal fire and fuels positions from the GS-3 to GS-9 levels covered by an OCR are filled through the Southwestern Region Fire Hire Program. The Fire Hire Program does NOT include temporary seasonal employment. For information on the Fire Hire Program and to view potential positions, please visit: www.fs.usda.gov/goto/r3/firehire


Fire and Non-Fire Temporary Seasonal Positions on the Kaibab National Forest

Fire and non-fire temporary seasonal positions including GS and WG positions grade levels 2 through 9 are filled through the Southwestern Region Centralized Temporary Hiring Program. For information on temporary hiring and to view potential positions, please visit: www.fs.usda.gov/goto/r3/tempjobs  


Other Employment Opportunities

To view current employment outreach notices for our neighboring forest - the Coconino National Forest - please visit: www.fs.usda.gov/main/coconino/about-forest/jobs