Forest Products Permits

The Kaibab National Forest issues permits for various forest products including
fuelwood, corral poles, fence posts and stays, Christmas trees, tree boughs, wilding transplants, pine cones, and decorative wood.

Personal Use

For personal use forest product permits, the price varies depending on what the product is. The minimum permit that can be issued is $20 except for Christmas trees, which are $15. Dead trees may be cut with this permit but must adhere to height and diameter restrictions for each type of tree.

For pinyon nuts or a small number of pine cones, no permit would generally be required. However, it is recommended that everyone planning to collect anything on the National Forest contact the local district office for detailed information. 

The Kaibab National Forest does not issue permits for ornamental rock or river rock. Flagstone may be obtained from commercial yards in Ash Fork or Chino Valley.

The Kaibab does issue permits for personal use basalt from an area near Sherwood Forest Estates south of Interstate 40 on the Williams Ranger District.

To learn more about fuelwood permits on the Kaibab National Forest, visit the Personal Use Fuelwood page.

Commercial Use

All commercial uses of forest products require a paid permit. (It is a commercial use when the forest product will be sold by the permittee.) The rules for gathering and the availability of different products vary considerably. All those interested in commercial uses of forest products should contact the local district office for detailed information.

Traditional Use

The Kaibab National Forest has a program for providing forest products for free to Native Americans for traditional uses. For information, please contact the local district office and identify the need to gather forest products for traditional Native American uses. You can also learn more about the policy for traditional and cultural purposes on the Personal Use Fuelwood page.