Goosenest Ranger District

Picnic table and stove on the banks of Juanita Lake

The Goosenest Ranger District lies to the east of I-5 and is bounded by the Oregon border, the Modoc National Forest on the east and the Shasta-Trinity National Forest on the south.  Whether your interests are hunting, bird watching, photography, fishing, swimming, wind-surfing, camping, picnicking, snowmobiling, nordic skiing, wood cutting or just a relaxing mood of tranquility while driving through the forest...you'll love the Goosenest Ranger District.
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Happy Camp/Oak Knoll Ranger District

Metal statue of Bigfoot stands 15 feet tall in Happy CampThe Happy Camp/Oak Knoll Ranger District is one of three management units on the Klamath National Forest. It includes portions of the Siskiyou Wilderness, Red Buttes Wilderness and the Marble Mountain Wilderness. The Pacific Crest National Recreation Trail, the Kelsey National Recreation Trail and the Boundary National Recreation Trail are just a small part of the extensive trail system catering to hikers and equestrians. The Wild and Scenic Klamath River is the centerpiece of the District providing recreational opportunities all year long.
Visitors passing through can enjoy the drive along the State of Jefferson Scenic Byway and the Bigfoot Scenic Byway. Fishermen, bird watchers, photographers, amateur botanists and wildlife enthusiasts all find the Happy Camp/Oak Knoll Ranger District to their taste.  

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Salmon/Scott River Ranger District

Blue water meets blue sky at Kangaroo LakeThe Salmon/Scott River Ranger District is home to wilderness areas, pristine mountain lakes and wild and scenic rivers just to name a few. The District office is located in Fort Jones, California, at an elevation of 2740 feet. The District is bisected by the Salmon River on the south and the Scott River on the north and covers approximately 585,000 acres.

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