Fire Management

Amid smoky skies, an airplane drops red retardant on hillsides

Our mission is to provide safe, efficient and economical fire management while sustaining, protecting and restoring ecosystems.

Operating Principles:

  • Apply the best science in efforts to restore and maintain healthy fire dependent ecosystems
  • Plan and execute FAM operations in a safe, effective and cost efficient manner
  • Actively participate and provide leadership supporting all elements of the Forest Service mission
  • Provide leadership in developing interagency cooperation and partnerships
  • Provide leadership in conservation education
  • Ensure a professional, diverse and motivated workforce that is able to adapt and derive benefit during times of change
  • Proudly serve the nation as Forest Service employees

Fire Danger Rating

The local Fire Danger Rating can vary in different areas of the forest.

Fire usage and other restrictions are based on a Forest Average Fire Danger Rating and take into account current and antecedent weather, fuel types, and both live and dead fuel moisture.

Elements of a Prescribed Burn

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Being Ready—Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire is Coming ... Are You Ready?

It takes the combination of both Defensible space and the hardening of your home to really give your house the best chance of surviving a wildfire.

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