Learning Center

The forest supports conservation education in schools and communities. For example, the forest contributed to the development of displays and materials for the new Pacific Grove Museum traveling exhibit "Bringing the Condors Home: The story of the California Condor and the biologists struggling to save it." The forest also initiated the design of new permanent exhibits at the Santa Barbara Zoological Garden focusing on threatened and endangered species found within Los Padres National Forest and how the public can help protect these species.


FireScape Monterey

FireScape Monterey promotes landscape-scale management......

Nature's Resiliency

The Forest closed the La Brea Fire burn area to all motorized vehicles until the land has time to heal. Many streambeds that run through the burn area were filled with sediment following last winter's rains, and portions of the roads are nearly impassable. Road grading is scheduled for next spring, at which time we will reevaluate conditions and make every effort to reopen this area to motorized travel. These photos were taken Sept. 24 and show how creeks and streambeds could be easily mistaken for OHV trails. You can also see signs of nature's resiliency as green vegetation sprouts in the shadow of blackened trees and brush.

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