Forest Management Plan

A forest plan provides the framework to guide the ongoing land and resource management operations of a National Forest. Additional guidance is summarized in Appendices. The goal of the Plan is to provide a management program reflecting a mix of activities for the use and protection of the Forest. It fulfills legislative requirements while addressing local, regional, and national issues.
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Modernization of Forest Plans in the Northwest

The Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest regions of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service collaboratively developed and released a Bioregional Assessment of Northwest Forests, which provides a snapshot in time of the current ecological, social and economic conditions on national forest system lands within the Northwest Forest Plan amendment area as well as two adjacent units. The NWFP amended existing forest plans on 19 national forest units across Washington, Oregon and California. The NWFP and those underlying forest plans require key updates to address contemporary management needs. For more information about the process to update forest plans, visit the Modernization of Forest Plans in the Northwest Home Page.

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Schedule of Proposed Actions

As part of carrying out the mission of the Forest Service, agency resource specialists develop proposals that will enhance or maintain resource values on public lands, as well as generate products. In addition, the public may submit proposals for various uses such as rights-of-way, land exchanges, and recreational events. A necessary part of the planning for these is the environmental analysis and documentation, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act and agency direction.

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