Forest Products Permits

A variety of products ranging from fuelwood to edible delights are part of the category called Special Forest Products. Decorative floral greens, mosses, cones, berries, Christmas trees and boughs, posts, poles and burls are just some of the products which come from the forest.

The availability of Special Forest Products varies by location. Like other forest resources, they must be carefully managed to protect them and ensure a lasting supply for the future. Permits are issued for many products and a minimal fee may be charged. Contact a local National Forest Office first to see if permits are required.

Remember, all commercial uses or removal of products on public lands require a permit.


Mushroom growing at base of tree

Mushroom permits:

The public can buy permits to collect mushrooms at Forest Service offices in Willows, Stonyford, Covelo, and Upper Lake. The Mendocino NF sells three different mushroom permits:

  1. A $20 permit allows up to eight gallons of mushrooms, collected over four consecutive days. 
  2. A $50 permit allows up to 20 gallons, collected over 30 consecutive days.  Additional days may be purchased for $5 a day. 
  3. A $100 season permit allows up to 40 gallons for the season. 

If you reach your gallon limit you can buy another permit.  Permits expire 12/31/19. Check current conditions before traveling to the forest to collect mushrooms. Each permit is only valid for collecting mushrooms from National Forest land within the Covelo Ranger District, Upper Lake Ranger District, and the Grindstone Ranger District. 


Personal Use Firewood Permits

You can get a free personal use permit through the mail until Dec. 31, 2020.  download form

For current firewood cutting information, please call 530-934-3316.