Outdoor Safety & Ethics

As a visitor you will find many opportunities to enjoy and explore nature's creations. Our Forest offers a variety of activities for everyone including bicycling, hunting, fishing, picnicking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and cross-country skiing, just to name a few.

However, because of the large territories that are covered by forest, many unforeseen dangers present unpredictable challenges for our visitors to have a safe visit. The following sections will allow you to examine some of our safety challenges and additional links that will offer extended exploration of the topics.


Responsible Recreation

National forests and grasslands are ours to enjoy now. We want them to be enjoyed for future generations as well. So is it up to all of us to care of these natural resources. This means we can all enjoy the recreational activities of our choosing, but do it responsibly.

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Driving Safely on Forest Roads

Driving through the forest is a bit different than traveling down a six-lane freeway through a big city. Please keep the following in mind while driving through the woods. 

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