Fire Management

Report a Wildfire: Call 911 or contact Columbia Cascade Communication Center (WA-CCC) at (360) 891-5140.

Fire incident information: Find information on current, active wildfires across the U.S. on InciWeb.

This page will provide information about the current fire situation on the Mt. Hood National Forest, as well as many other great resources to help you understand how the Forest Service tries to balance human needs with ecosystem needs. 

Fire is a natural part of Western forest ecosystems. Certain tree species have adapated to require fire to reproduce. Fire also can be used as a tool to manage forests. We use prescribed fires to help forest stands overloaded with excess fuels that could lead to large-scale fires.

However, other kinds and uses of fire are not healthy for the ecosystem and can pose serious threats to human life and property. With more and more people moving into what is called the urban forest interface--where human developments bump up to forests--fire has been a strain on resources and a threat to millions of people.

Current Fire Restrictions

Industrial Fire Precaution Levels apply to permitted, commercial, and industrial operations on federal land.

Industrial Fire Precaution Level Information Public Phone Numbers:

Map showing fire regions

What are IFPLs?

Firewood Cutting

Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) & Fire Danger Ratings by Zone



Protection Unit



What are IFPLS?

Fire Danger Rating

What are Fire Danger Ratings?

Mt. Hood


 Barlow Ranger District


 Hood River Ranger District-EAST of Highways 26 & 35



Mt. Hood


Clackamas River and Zig Zig Ranger Districts



Mt. Hood


Bull Run Watershed



Mt. Hood


Hood River Ranger District-WEST of Highway 35




Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area



Public Use Restrictions 

The Personal Use Fire Restrictions (PURs) levels are designed to let our visitors know if and how they are allowed to use fire in their recreating activities. For detailed information on current fire restrictions please visit our Forest Orders Page under Wildfire Forest Orders.

Fire Information Related Links 

The Columbia Cascade Communication Center was established in 2007. Columbia Cascade has full authority to set initial action priorities and implement preplanned actions to meet management objectives whenever an emergency occurs.

The dispatch organization is responsible for reporting, tracking, and processing orders for aircraft, equipment, overhead, crews and supplies needed to support incidents in or outside of the local area.

Columbia Cascade also provides intelligence and predictive services-related products to support wildland fire mangers and firefighters in the region.



  • Inciweb - For information about current fires across Oregon and the nation
  • National Interagency Fire Center - The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho is the nation’s support center for wildlandfirefighting.
  • Fire Hire - For information about becoming a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service

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