The Mt. Hood National Forest works with many partners to deliver volunteer stewardship activities. Connecting with one of these partners is the best way to pursue volunteer opportunities on national forest lands. See the links below for more information.

Additional volunteer opportunities across the country on public lands can be found at www.volunteer.gov.

For more information on our partners that offer volunteer opportunities click on one of the volunteer areas below!

  • Trail

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    There are more than 1200 miles of trails on Mt. Hood National Forest. Maintaining these trails is a core part of the volunteer effort on the forest.

  • Wilderness Stewardship

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    Wilderness Stewards work in the Wildernesses on Mt. Hood National Forest and remind visitors of Leave No Trace principles.

  • Interpreter/

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    Volunteers are needed to help provide information to visitors and lead tours at Timberline Lodge.

  • Heritage

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    Various organizations volunteer to help preserve and protect the historic sites at Mt. Hood National Forest.

  • Botany

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    Learn to identify invasive plant species and aid in their removal!

  • Wildlife

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    Volunteer with a wildlife biologist or perhaps at a seasonal event.