Maps & Publications

A number of maps of the Ottawa National Forest are available for free or purchase at the Supervisor’s Office, Ranger Districts, and Ottawa Visitor Center. Interactive maps, downloadable maps and on-line purchase is located to the right on the screen. 


Forest Recreation Map: This is a map of the entire Forest at a scale of ½ inch equals 1 (one) mile. It shows the road system, trails, wilderness areas, lakes, streams, developed recreation sites including camp and picnic grounds and boat landings, winter sports areas, points of interest including waterfalls, and other information beneficial to visitors. This map includes the North Country National Scenic Trail, winter recreation, snowmobiling, wildlife, canoeing, hunting, fishing and more. (2008 Edition.)






Topographical (1:24,000) Map: These maps are at a scale of 2.64 inches equals 1 mile and are in a 7 ½’ latitude by 7 ½’ longitude quadrangle format. They were derived from the U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Quadrangles, are highly detailed, and serve as the base for all other Ottawa National Forest maps. Topography is shown with a contour interval of 10 or 20 feet or 5 meters. See Ottawa quad map index to select map located on the last page of the Ottawa Map Order Form.





North Country Trail Maps: Two maps cover the portion of the North Country Trail that runs through the Ottawa National Forest. One map covers Ironwood to Cascade Falls and the other covers the area from Cascade Falls to Alberta. Both are available for $7.00 each. Price per copy

Ironwood to Cascade Falls - $7.00
Cascade Falls to Alberta - $7.00



Recreation Site and Trail Maps

Image of Snowshoes

 Maps for recreation sites and trails.

Hunting Maps

Deer in the forest.

Walking Trail and Grouse habitat maps.


Motor Vehicle Use Maps

(MVUM's) are available to all visitors free of charge to show where visitors can legally drive their motorized vehicles.