Recreation Passes & Permits

Passes: Interagency Pass PictureMany recreation activities in the Ottawa National Forest are available at no cost to the recreational user.

Where developed recreation areas are concerned, however, there is a cost to operating these areas that is recouped through the use of day use fees. 

To provide an affordable alternative for frequent visitors to the forests, or for folks who make their National Forests a destination for a week's vacation, we offer a variety of recreational passes and permits that help you save money on day use fees.

How to Buy

For your convenience, there are three ways to purchase a recreation pass.

  • Order Interagency Passes through the U.S. Geological Survey online or by phone (888) 275-8747.

  • Visit any National Forest Office or Visitor Center to purchase a pass. We recommend you call in advance to determine pass availability.

  • Interagency Passes can be purchased from other federal agencies. Find one near you.


Sylvania Wilderness, Black River Harbor and Lake Ottawa Recreation Area


Annual Passes

Good at any Forest Service, National Park, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and US Fish and Wildlife Service sites that charge an entrance or standard amenity fee. Concessionaires may or may not honor any of the Interagency Passes, according to the terms of their current permit.


Lifetime Passes

Available passes that are good for the lifetime of the passholder.