Pack Stock Center of Excellence

Pacific Southwest Region Pack Stock Center of Excellence

The Pack Stock Center of Excellence provides regional coordination for the efficient utilization of pack stock program resources to support the efforts of wilderness managers in preserving wilderness character.

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The Pacific Southwest Region Pack Stock Center of Excellence also ensures ongoing capability for use of primitive skills and tools, by offering high quality, hands-on pack stock and primitive skills education, practical experience, youth engagement, community outreach, and field-going services in support of fire, ecosystem, and wilderness management.

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  • Improved Coordination

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    Initial point of contact for requesting pack stock support throughout the Region

  • Safety

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    Technical guidance and expertise related to pack stock safety

  • Education and Training

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    Training in the use of pack stock and other traditional tools

  • Ecosystem Restoration

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    Provide training and support in wilderness ecosystem management

  • Community Outreach

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    Maintain connections with the public by participating in parades and community events and communicate the agency's unique mission

  • Engaging Youth

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    Develop the next generation of packers and wilderness professionals and foster a life-long connection to public lands