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A Special Use Permit grants rights or privileges of occupancy and use subject to specified terms and conditions on National Forest Land.

Lands Special Use Permits cover a variety of uses but the most common on the Payette National Forest are Linear Right-Of-Way, Communication Sites, Research, and Commercial Photography/Filming

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Payette Special Uses Frequently Asked Questions


Photo of a camera and the forest map.Commercial Photography/Filming








Photo show a research site.Research

Research special use permits include site surveys and testing, resource surveys, research studies, weather stations, and similar monitoring facilities. Some surveys are a “nominal effect” and may not need a permit. You can contact the McCall Ranger District at 208-634-0400 and ask to speak to someone in Lands Special Uses to find out more information.

Proposals should be submitted using this Form during the open season found on the Forms Chart.



LineThis photo show linear ROWar Right-of-Way

Linear Right-of-Ways include, but not limited to, Powerlines, Telephone Lines, Fiber Optic Lines, Water Transmission Lines, Irrigation Ditches, and Roads.

Proposals should be submitted using the SF-299.





Photo show a comm site on the forest.Communications Sites

Proposals should be submitted on the SF-299.

More information regarding Communication Sites can be found on the Washington Office Website.





Other Land Use Permits

Other land use permits include, but not limited to, service buildings, stockpile sites, warehouse and storage yards, signs, dams, hydroelectric, and parking lots.

Payette National Forest Lands Special Use Application Process