About the Area

The Pike-San Isabel National Forests & Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands cover more than three million acres from the prairies of southwestern Kansas to Colorado's highest mountain peaks along the Continental Divide. These sprawling forests and grasslands are an eight-hour drive from boundary to boundary, offering diverse landscapes rich in history, geology, scenery, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities.


(map of district boundaries)

  • Cimarron National Grassland

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    District Ranger: Nancy Brewer

    The Cimarron National Grassland manages about 108,175 acres in Morton and Stevens counties in southwestern Kansas. It is the state's largest area of public land and the only parcel managed by the Forest Service. The elevation ranges from 3,150 to 3,540 feet. 

  • Comanche National Grassland

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    District Ranger: Kurt Staton

    The district manages more than 440,000 acres in southeastern Colorado including the nation's largest Dinosaur Tracksite. The Comanche National Grassland is a place of unequaled sunsets, golden prairies, fragrant juniper canyonlands, and extraordinary wildlife viewing. 

  • Leadville Ranger District

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    District Ranger Pat Mercer

    The Ski Cooper Ski Area at Tennessee Pass is in the northern part of the district, Fremont Pass is in the northeastern part, Headwaters of the Arkansas River can be accessed from the east and Independence Pass can be accessed from the west.

  • Pikes Peak Ranger District 

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    District Ranger Carl Bauer

    Deputy District Ranger Danielle Carmon

    The Pikes Peak District is home to "the purple mountain majesty," known as Pikes Peak. It is known as "America's Mountain" thanks to the song "America the Beautiful," which was written on its summit. The District office is in Colorado Springs, Colorado’s second largest city, with a population of approximately 500,000. 

  • Salida Ranger District

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    District Ranger Perry Edwards

    The district encompasses more than 440,000 acres of public lands in central Colorado near the towns of Salida, Buena Vista and Poncha Springs. The district includes seven 14,000-foot peaks "fourteeners" (Harvard, Tabeguache, Yale, Columbia, Shavano, Princeton, Antero), as well as  three wilderness areas (Buffalo Peaks, Collegiate Peaks, Sangre De Cristo), and Browns Canyon National Monument.

    More about Salida 

  • San Carlos Ranger District

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    District Ranger Destiny Chapman

    San Carlos Ranger District is 50 miles wide and 110 miles long from central Colorado to the Southern boarder. The district manages about 400,000 acres of National Forest in Fremont, Custer, Huerfano, Pueblo, Las Animas and Costilla counties.

  • South Park Ranger District

    Mountainous landscape with changing aspens

    District Ranger Josh Voorhis

    South Park Ranger District manages more than 500,000 acres in Park and Teller Counties. The district office is in Fairplay, Colorado with a work center in Lake George. The district ranges in elevation from 7,100 to 14,285 feet. 

  • South Platte Ranger District

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    District Ranger Brian Banks

    Deputy District Ranger Lisa Heagley

    The South Platte Ranger District is located east of the Continental Divide in the central Rocky Mountains adjacent to the Denver metro area. The District is 450,000 acres in size with elevations ranging from 5,800' along the South Platte River, to over 14,000' at Guanella Pass and Mount Bierstadt.