Text is Safe Flying 1996-2006, 2006-2016 Ten Again. There is a wing graphic in the middle.With all that is required in managing the two largest national forests in America, one might wonder how the employees of the Alaska Region get around doing their jobs? No roads connect Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Wrangell, Cordova and others to the North American road system. Aviation is the key link in helping employees carry out the mission of the Forest Service in Alaska: aircraft are our fleet.


The Alaska Region uses fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft under contract and rental agreements with commercial aircraft operators. Annual flight use averages over 3,000 hours.


Safety is the highest priority as demonstrated by the Alaska Region’s aviation safety record of over ten accident-free years. To ensure safety, efficiency and effectiveness, Forest Service inspectors examine more than 100 aircraft and pilots each year. These inspections are in addition to the commercial aircraft operator requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration. A rigorous safety training program for all employees traveling in float planes or helicopter is another key success factor.